Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Scoreboard Bar & Grill – Minnetonka, MN

Sometimes, you just need to leave the office for lunch. I rounded up JJ and we headed to Scoreboard for a business lunch. The place is decorated pretty plainly, but they do have a number of sports-filled televisions all over the walls and ceiling. The menu has pretty standard bar fare with burgers, sandwiches, salads, and fried appetizers.

I went with one of the specials for the day – a breaded pork sandwich. I made sure with the server that this was indeed a breaded pork tenderloin. I’m a bit of a Pork-T snob from my years in the central Midwest, where they truly are the best. See THIS post for the best in recent years. I also had the option for sweet potato tots, which I DID order, and also a side of buffalo sauce. JJ went with the salad bar, since he’s trying to cure his summer illness from the inside – sucker.

The food showed up and I was a little disappointed with the size. I know I’m spoiled by some of the biggest pork-T’s in the world, but I was expecting something bigger than what I got. There was a delicious sri racha mayo on top and generous helping of pickle slices, but the size was the biggest disappointment. The meat itself was just alright. Nothing to write home about, since there wasn’t a ton of flavor (the ketchup and buffalo sauce helped the sri racha mayo). The tots were equally disappointing as they were a little more potato puffs than shredded hash brown tots. Too small to even dip in the buffalo sauce without getting it all over your hands. I ended up using a fork to dip these gnocchi-like puffs in the sauce. Disappointing.

JJ was pretty happy with his salad bar decision, but mainly because he had access to unlimited saucy boneless wings no the salad bar. Those were actually pretty good, to be honest. I should have gone with the salad bar and pretended to be healthy while mounding chicken nuggets on my plate.

The end of the meal is topped with sprinkles since you get to get yourself a bowl of ice cream from the soft serve machine. Sadly there weren’t actually any sprinkles, much to my chagrin. I am beginning  to think I expect too much from some places. Hahahah..

Top 5 things about Scoreboard Bar & Grill
11. It’s really close to the office
22. They have beer – and SURLY, in fact
33. The lunch specials all sounded pretty good
44. You can get ice cream after your meal
55. Salad bar has boneless wings on it

Bottom 5 things
11. Pork-T was a little disappointing (size and flavor-wise)
22. Sweet potato tots were too small
33. Boring interior
44. It isn’t by anything else EXCEPT my office
55. No sprinkles on the ice cream after dinner


mt said...

Have you tried Yum that just opened in Minnetonka? One of my favorites!

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