Thursday, January 7, 2016

Homemade Pasties and Zodiac Party Store – St. Ignace, MI (Upper Penninsula)

I needed to pick up some of the beer I had the previous evening at Timmy Lee’s, and the only place the folks at Timmy Lee’s knew of that carried it was the Zodiac Party Store. Luckily, this place also had a pasty shop attached to it. Bonus!!!!

We grabbed a beef pasty and a chicken pasty and hit the road. These things are pretty simple – some various ground meats and vegetables wrapped in a flaky dough. We liked the beef one better than the chicken one, but we loved both of them. And the beef gravy that yo get to dip these things in is GREAT! There are pasty shops all over the UP. It’s what they’re known for. I’d love to hit as many of these places as I can. But KNOW this Homemade Pasties and Zodiac Party Store can deliver 100%.

Big fan.

Zodiac Party Store
914 US-2
St. Ignace, MI 49781

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