Sunday, January 3, 2016

Timmy Lee’s Pub – St. Ignace, MI (Upper Penninsula)

D.Rough and I happened to be passing through the Upper Penninsula (UP) and we stopped at Timmy Lee’s Pub. It had some good ratings, so we had a good feeling about it.

The menu isn’t a standard bar menu, despite having most of the same things. It’s got some nicer versions of all the things you’ll recognize – burgers, salads, pizzas, etc.

I went back and forth about ten times, and finally settled on the Friday Fish Fry (with mashed potatoes). D.Rough got the mushroom and swiss burger. And since we were THIS close to Canada, we got some poutine to split.

The poutine was in a nice little ceramic crock and was wonderful. I know some people complain when it’s melty cheese and not cheese curds, but it doesn’t bother me one bit. This was fantastic. Molten lava-covered french fries and gravy doesn’t really have a bad version.

The mushroom and swiss burger was above average and generous with both the cheese and mushrooms. The meat itself was also hand pressed and not frozen. It was really good.

The fried fish dinner came with a little salad - nothing special, but it was tasty and fresh. The fish itself was top notch. Skin-on and fried with a great deal of batter. The crunch on it was really fantastic and not soggy at all. The mashed potatoes were surprisingly good, but you can tell from the photo how much butter this thing was packin’.

SUUUUPER happy with this pit stop in the UP. Worth a visit the next time we’re in town, without question.

(Not enough for a Top 5 list)

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