Monday, April 11, 2016

My Wife is a Wizard – West St. Paul, MN

I brag about my wife, D.Rough, probably more than all of my readers care for. Well, she’s awesome and I need to tell people about it. My apologies.

We went to a dinner party the other night and she thought she’d try some fun things. She’s got some significantly more advanced cookbooks and recipes than I’m comfortable tackling, and she pulled a couple of things from them for this party.

This party, she made Kimcheez-its from scratch, along with a nice blue cheese dip. Yes, there’s actual kimchee in the crackers she baked, combined with the orange powdered cheese from the blue box of Kraft macaroni and cheese. Yes, we now have a box of JUST macaroni in our cabinet with no accompanying cheese dust. It was 1000% worth it, though!!!

For dessert, she made Fruity Pebble-milk ice cream. Yes, she actually steeped crushed up Fruity Pebbles in milk to extract the flavor and some various bits of colored flecks, and threw that into the ice cream maker we own. Then, because for some reason she felt that wasn’t awesome enough, she made a fruity pebble crumble for the top. I have no idea what else was in it, but I remember Fruity Pebbles and butter being involved.

Needless to say, we’ve now been forced to make Fruity Pebble-milk ice cream for additional parties. And, we’ll probably continue to make it because it’s quite amazing.

Thanks for being a wizard in the kitchen, D.Rough.

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