Sunday, April 3, 2016

Nacho’s Mexican Grill – Hopkins, MN

There’s a taco place near my office that I’ve driven by a few times and haven’t stopped in. There always appeared to be people in it, so I knew it had to be edible food. I thought I’d pay them a visit. First thing first: there are two doors to get inside, and none of them are on the front of the building. Heck, there’s probably a third one on the backside for the kitchen staff, but I didn’t circle back THAT far to verify that.

The menu is on the walls with good descriptions of ingredients and choices of meat. I decided on the Enchiladas in green sauce, mainly because the photos (which are actually super helpful in seeing what you’re going to get) showed me what I was in store for.

I grabbed a Jarritos from the fridge and grabbed a seat. A guy working as a server and bus boy brought my plate over and offered to get me some hot sauce. I went with Cholula, without much thought. The homemade tortilla chips placed in the refried beans like shark fins won me over right away. I’m a sucker for homemade chips. They were great and the beans and rice were decent, as well. The enchiladas were pretty good. Not life-changing, but the meat had good flavor and wasn’t gristly like beef sometimes is. There was plenty of salsa verde on these and with a couple splashes of Cholula, these things were in great shape. I was pretty happy with all of this.

I took this above photo because they appear to be in some sort of remodel situation, but there's a lower ceiling below the higher ceiling, and the ceiling above still has flourescent lights still attached up there. Bizarre. I just thought it unusual. 
It’s good. It’s authentic. It’s pretty cheap. And there’s a good selection to choose from. It also seems to do a ton of phone-in business. I plan to head back here during more lunch hours now that I know it’s good Mexican food.


Anonymous said...

Next time, get an empanada.

Ruthann said...

I second the empanada suggestion! Also, on Friday's they make Shrimp Ceviche, which is fabulous.