Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Tilted Tiki - Stillwater, MN

D.Rough and I have a certain passion for tiki bars. So when we heard one had opened up in nearby Stillwater, we knew we had to check it out. We popped over after dinner and found what looked like a former Irish pub that had been converted to a sort-of island feel. There were bright lights and dark wood and some stained glass dividers – so a little less tiki than we’re used to.

We read the story of the bar on the back of the menu, and were amused to see that the inspiration for this specific tiki bar was a recent trip to Florida (which is pretty far from French Polynesia, if you’re wondering). They had also gone to Hawaii, in all fairness at some point, but the original inspiration was Florida. Which means this place is a little more “island” than “tiki” – in our humble opinion.

We ordered a couple of drinks and after about 20 minutes the server came over and apologized for how long the drinks were taking (we heard another server doing the same thing to a couple of other tables). We waited a while longer before one of them came out, then waited a little longer until the second one came out.
They weren’t good. I remember seeing “mystery ingredients” somewhere on the menu, which I’m sure is built into every tiki drink ever made. But whatever that mystery was, made what should have been various rums and various fruit juices, taste really bad. We drank most of our drinks and left.

Not one of our favorite tiki bars, in case you’re wondering.

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