Monday, April 24, 2017

Conch Republic Grill – Redington Beach, Florida

D.Rough and I were passing through the area during lunch and the “conch” part of this bar and grill caught our attention. We’re both big fans, so we knew we had to pop in and get some lunch. All of the seats outside were taken, which was fine because I was hella-sunburned (don’t ask). We pretty much wanted everything on the menu, so we decided on an appetizer sampler. It had conch fritters, buffalo shrimp, and deep fried zucchini and a bunch of dipping sauces. Hard to go wrong, frankly.
But first… beach cocktails!

The conch fritters were just ok – they could have used a bit of seasoning in the batter, but they weren’t terrible. They came with a spicy remoulade sauce, which helped, so they ended up being alright. They were about average, as far as conch fritters go.

The buffalo shrimp was the best part of the plate. Really great sauce on these and it didn’t taste like it was from a bottle. We pretty much fought over who was going to eat more of these.

The zucchini was good at first, but then became pretty soggy once we hit the half-way point. I really liked them a lot at the beginning of the meal, but when we came back to them, we were both a little disappointed. 

This is one of those places I wouldn’t make a special trip to, but I’d certainly go back to if we were in the area and needing some food (and cocktails). Just an average giant beach bar and grill.

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