Friday, April 14, 2017

Frenchy’s – Clearwater Beach, Florida

D.Rough and I took a little beach vacation for my birthday this year and ended up on the Gulf side of Florida. Clearwater Beach has a great little set of related restaurants called Frenchy’s – Frenchy owns like 8 restaurants in the area and they’re all different atmospheres, but all with delicious food. We popped in and had to wait a bit for a table since it was pretty packed (mainly with boaters from the marina next door). 

We grabbed a couple of cocktails since we were on vacation and scoured the menu. We knew we needed fried food, and thankfully, that’s a big part of the menu here.

We got some conch fritters and a couple of Kalik beers – our staple diet from when we were in the Bahamas. It brought back some good times… sigh.

We decided we needed to split an order or garlic crab fries and a fried grouper sandwich. I’m glad we did, since all of the portions are pretty generous. It was just about the right amount, and tasted great. 

The garlic crab fries are garlic fries with crab meat on top - REALLY great!

The breading on the grouper sandwich was fantastic, but still let the fish flavor come through.

Top 5 things about Frenchy’s
1. Conch fritters
2. They have Kalik!
3. Garlic crab fries
4. Fried grouper sandwich
5. Really nice servers and staff

Bottom 5 things
1. It’s pretty crowded and loud
2. I hope you’re in the mood for fried (thankfully, we usually are…)
3. If you’re anti-chain, this may not be your place, since they own MANY restaurants in a one mile radius
4. Nothing else is bad!!!!
5. N/A

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