Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Blue Door Pub – St. Paul, MN

Some of Gerd’s co-workers and I decided we needed to get together and meet and tell funny stories about Gerd and look at photos and such. I let them decide since they were on the St. Paul side of the Twin Cities. They chose the Blue Door Pub and I’m glad they did. I looked at the menu online all day at work trying to narrow down what I was going to order. They have about 15 things on the menu I need to try, so it wasn’t easy.

We met on a Tuesday night at 8pm – late enough on a weeknight where we wouldn’t have to wait. Or so we thought. This place does really good business even on weeknights after normal dinner hour. We waited about 20-25 minutes for a table and I know there were people waiting after us. The place was packed with people (including an ultra-loud table of ladies right next to us we had to yell over). The inside is very modern and clean and appropriately lit with dim lighting, but not dark.

I got a Strongbow and ordered an appetizer that would make my father proud – Spam Bites. Deep fried breaded balls of cream cheese, spam chunks, and pickles (I picked the pickles out – Gerd would have eaten them if she were there). They were served with a spicy pepper Asian sweet dipping sauce – really hard to describe. The balls were REALLY good, although the things were 90% cream cheese. They totally could have had more spam in them (and less pickles).

I finally decided to order the Breakfast Blucy for dinner and a side of deep-fried battered green beans. For those of you unfamiliar with Minnesota bar fare, culinary scientists invented a cheeseburger with cheese packed into the INSIDE of the patty. Ingenious bastards – that’s the kind of stuff you invent when you’re holed up under 10 feet of snow all winter. It’s called a Jucy Lucy (yes, spelled wrong). Since the place was the Blue Door Pub, they called it a Blucy Lucy. The Breakfast Blucy is a hamburger patty stuffed with cheddar cheese and covered with more cheddar, thick-cut bacon, and a fried egg. This thing was awesome. I would eat breakfast 3 times a day if it meant a Breakfast Blucy.

Gerd’s coworker got the specialty of the house called a Jiffy Burger. It’s a regular burger, but it’s covered with pepperjack cheese and bacon. Oh yeah, and PEANUT BUTTER!

It sounds horrific, but everyone that has tried it has really liked it. It looks like a poo burger to me, but she really really liked it. She said she’d order it again if she went back there – however, she would not be forcing her family to eat peanut butter burgers when they grilled out that weekend. I will eventually try one of these things, I assure you.

This place was really nice and had awesome food and a diverse menu. I would highly recommend this place. They’ve got WiFi there as well, so you can show people your photos from a recent trip to Italy for example. Ha ha ha. Just go here – they have normal-ish food too, but you really do need to try something outside your comfort zone.

Top 5 things about the Blue Door Pub
1. Got to hang with Gerd’s favorite co-workers, one of whom I hadn’t met
2. Breakfast Blucy, especially the thick-cut bacon
3. Witnessed someone eating a burger with peanut butter on it
4. Deep-Fried green beans
5. Spam Bites were still tasty

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd would have loved this place, especially since I was with her favorite co-workers
2. Got a little loud with the boisterous people at the next table
3. You’ll likely have to wait – but it’s totally worth it
4. I would have liked to order 5 more things but was too full
5. Spam bites needed more spam, less cheese


Anonymous said...

I think it is extremely wonderful that you got together with Gerd's work posse.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that Anon was me: EnYa Face!