Thursday, May 28, 2009

D. Brian’s – Edina, MN

I got a random message from DawgMan about sneaking off to lunch today. We were both starving and hoping someone would mention lunch. Thankfully, one of us caved. He’s a big fan of D. Brian’s, so we decided to go there.

It’s kind of a sandwich shop like Erbert’s and Gerbert’s or Potbelly’s, but they have a ton of different stuff. Grilled sandwiches, cold sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, breakfast, and other stuff. Nice décor on the inside with lots of wood and menu boards in various spots. A little confusing on the ordering process for noobs, but they’re nice there and will get you headed the right direction.

I ordered the Chicken Bacon and Gouda sandwich, which came with pesto aioli and tomatoes on flatbread. It was a pretty good sandwich. The sandwich has two sliced chicken breasts on it, so it’s more filling than I thought it would be. Upon looking at it, I thought I might end up hungry, but then about half-way through, I thought better. I was just fine and I didn’t even get fries.

The breakfast menu looks pretty good as well, so this might be an option if I ever got up more than 15 minutes before I needed to be at work. Ha ha The soup menu looks excellent as well if you’re in the mood for something less sandwich-y. This may not be my favorite sandwich in the Twin Cities, but it’s pretty darn good.

Top 5 things about D. Brian’s
1. Chicken BACON gouda sandwich
2. The fries taste like Arby’s curly fries (I snuck a couple of DawgMan’s)
3. Close to work (multiple locations are, in fact)
4. Really fast – in and out of there in under half an hour easy
5. Outside seating

Bottom 5 things
1. It’s pricier than I thought some sammich places are
2. Now I’m hungry for breakfast
3. A bit confusing on the layout for new people
4. It’s quite packed when you fill it with people – the people behind me kept banging into my chair
5. Makes me wonder how Gerd would have ranked this next to Cosi and Roly Poly

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