Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Davanni’s – Eden Prairie, MN

A coworker and I decided to do lunch so we could really focus on crap-talking EnyaFace! (my former coworker). Neither of us had been to Davanni’s before – yeah we’re way behind. M.Giant had said they were decent, but I know he’s a fan of Melio’s (which is decent).

When I got to Davanni’s and looked at the menu, there were more things on there than I had anticipated. Many of them pizza or calzone related – but that would take too much time for lunch. Next time I will though. I ordered a Turkey, Bacon, Cheddar sammich with Chipotle sauce on whole wheat bread. It took longer than I thought to make, but it was worth it. The sammich was quite good. Not as good as Arthur’s Garden Deli in Illinois, but still really good.

There was plenty of toppings on the thing and the sauce scared me at first (it’s kind of a freakish orange/pink), but ended up being really good. No complaints at all. Next time I’ll order ahead and get a calzone though. I still haven’t found one to my liking in the Twin Cities, so if you’ve got calzone suggestions, fire away.

Top 5 things about Davanni’s
1. Turkey, bacon, cheddar with chipotle sauce
2. Crap-talking EnyaFace!
3. Quick lunch place and close to work
4. Affordable for lunch
5. Decent-sized menu

Bottom 5 things
1. Took longer than I thought it should have
2. EnyaFace should have been there to defend herself
3. Davanni’s in Eden Prairie is oddly attached to a gas station
4. I should have looked at the menu online so it didn’t take me so long to decide while holding other people up
5. I forgot to take a photo – I was starving


Josh said...

Have you ever been to Punch Pizza? It's authentic Neapolitan style pizza. I understand you can get any of their pizza as a calzone. I've never done it.

Chao said...

I've had a couple of friends at work suggest Punch, so I'll have to check it out. I'm a big calzone fan, so I'll probably go that route when I do. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Whatever. I know it was a big love fest to me. I should give you a photo that you can stand up and worship when you eat out with the crew.

Not a huge Davanni's fan. As Josh said, you may want to try Punch. Punch is pretty good. There's a lot of good pizza in St. Paul-neighborhood joints like John's or Mama's Pizza.

But, don't listen to me. I feel like my cred had taken a blow because of the Scott Ja-Mamma's debacle.

EnYa Face1