Monday, November 23, 2009

Big Jones – Chicago, IL

Callous-un said we needed to go try this southern Dixie-land style breakfast place called Big Jones (which Trash kept referring to as Mother Jones). We were all game since Southern and/or Dixie-land always means Popeyes Chicken in my head. It wasn’t Popeyes, but it was still good. In fact, this place is way more upscale than any of us realized and we might have been a tad underdressed (as I was wearing a black band t-shirt and jeans).

We all ended up arguing over who was going to get what since we all wanted the same thing – Cheddar Corn Cakes. I caved, since I needed some meat, but Trash and CorpseKitten decided they were going to get their own Corn Cakes. Callous-un got the French toast and I went with the Eggs Romero – poached Amish eggs, organic hominy cheese grits, and Carolina-style pulled pork. See, I TOLD you it was classy. They even brought out these little fried dough balls with powdered sugar on them – everyone seemed to know what they were since they’re all fancier than I am, but whatever, they were good.

The food came out pretty quickly, though it wasn’t terribly busy in the restaurant. The food looked beautiful. See, Popeyes isn’t going to arrange stuff all pretty on your plate with whipped cream puffs and stuff, are they? Mine was surrounded with what looked like a pool of orange glaze (which ended up being a surrounding pool of pork grease (I don’t mean that in a bad way, truly, I don’t’). The pork was hidden in a nice mound under the poached eggs. And the whole thing was delicious. Seriously, this is one of the fancier breakfasts I’ve had and it will probably remain in the top 5 for a long time. It was steeped in really good fancy flavor.

I had some of the Cheddar Corn Cakes and they were decent, but I’m glad I got what I did. I also tried a bite of the French Toast and it was soooo freakin dense I couldn’t believe it. It was thicker than Amish Friendship Bread and was difficult to get through more than two or three bites without exploding. I’m impressed with what you did manage to eat, Callous-un.

We were all ready to die after eating so much, but we had things to do (like play kickball), so we got out of there and headed to the park to play for the afternoon. If you get a chance, go here for breakfast. It’s not as Dixie-land as you might think (in fact, not at all), but it does have a fancy southern quality to it that you won’t be disappointed with, I assure you.

Top 5 things about Big Jones
1. Eggs Romero
2. Cheddar Corn Cakes
3. Dough balls with powdered sugar
4. Ultra-Thick French Toast
5. Everything looked good on the menu

Bottom 5 things
1. I can’t remember a single bad thing, aside from sooo many awesome looking choices on the menu it was difficult to decide

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