Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sweeny's - St. Paul, MN

I met some people over at Sweeny’s after class. I didn’t know what to expect – this crowd of people ranges from the country bar to higher class places, so I was unsure what this place would bring. I found them seated at a table in back at some tall tables which were bolted to the floor – completely unmovable.

I scanned the drink menu, not finding much in the way of girly drinks. They did have a decent hard cider on tap: Original Sin Cider. Great stuff and looks like beer so your jerk friends won’t mock as much. Wait. What? I know the thing to get here is the wings, but I don't like bones in my food (except for ribs), so I ordered some nachos, since I was in the mood. I’m never sure at places whether I should order a full or a half order of nachos, so I always get the full. This was my fatal mistake. They were huge!!!!

The photo shows a generous plate of nachos. But this isn’t a normal 8 inch plate. It’s more along the lines of 12-14 inches. TONS of chips and cheese (and chicken) on this thing. It was delicious though. Black beans, tomatoes, a few onion pieces, salsa, guacamole, and boatloads of cheese.

I know it’s difficult to judge a restaurant by its nachos, but I think they’re a bar staple. If you screw that up, what ELSE are you screwing up? I’ll probably go back to Sweeny’s. They have a decent menu, and they have a decent beer selection, from what I understand. It’s out of the way, but if the group keeps showing up there, I’ll keep tagging along. I like it.

Really, there wasn’t enough going on for a top 5 list on this one. Next time.

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