Friday, November 20, 2009

Schuller’s Tavern – Golden Valley, MN

EnyaFace! got a new job, so we decided to go out with a fellow unemployed x-co-worker, Biss-kit. EnyaFace! knew of this place in Golden Valley where she used to live – a little roadhouse called Schuller’s Tavern. She knows I’m always for new eateries, so we checked it out.

EnyaFace! told me the place in known for their burgers, specifically the Bacon BBQ Jack something-or-other burger. But just to spite me, she told me the waitress said the Chicken Pot Pie was the thing to order today, since it was on special. Then, the menu itself has a ton of good looking items on it to choose from, so I was exponentially more torn. I was so torn, I let the waitress decide for me. She said I needed potpie. I was game. Make it so.

I scored an 802 Woodchuck also. It just needed to be done. While swilling cider and getting caught up on our various job search (and by job search, I mean Tiger Woods on the Wii), I checked out the environs. There’s a closed-circuit television that shows a view of the parking lot (keep an eye on your car, I guess – or watch for snipers). There’s also a super tiny door to the men’s restroom. Freakishly small. There’s a sweet bumper pool table as well. When was the last time I saw a bumper pool table? 1986. Schuller’s also has live bands on weekends – as in bands you should check out. They’re sort of a music venue in fact, so it’s worth looking into their band schedule.

The food came out and I was pretty impressed. The Garlic Burger that EnyaFace looked fantastic. And the ham sammich thing that Biss-kit got also looked fantastic. But I must say, the Chicken Pot Pie looked incredible. Even better, the Pot Pie was brilliant! One of the best restaurant pot pies I’ve ever eaten. Super light and flaky crust, great tasting vegetables, tasty gravy, and awesome big chunks of chicken inside. It truly was magical. If you see this on the menu, order it. I’m not playin’ on this one. GET IT!

Schuller’s has some great food, and I have a feeling I will be back soon. When you go there, harass the bartender about giving up music. Apparently, he’s an amazing musician and he gave it up. What a waste.

Top 5 things about Schuller’s Tavern
1. Pot Pie
2. They have Woodchuck
3. Awesome list of burgers
4. I was enthralled with the closed-circuit TV of the parking lot
5. Waitress was awesome to talk to and was easy on the eyes

Bottom 5 things
1. Gerd loved divey burger bars, and she would have loved this one, for sure
2. I should have played bumper pool
3. I was SUPER tempted to try to eat the pot pie AND the burger bacon jack burger
4. Bartender who gave up on music - sadface
5. No additional downsides - sorry


Anonymous said...

Ok, I KNOW you took a photo of your pot pie! What gives?

It was a great lunch. We'll have to go back sometime.

EnYa Face!

Josh said...

I also understand they serve Surly, which makes any place legit in my book. I think this was the place a buddy of mine was telling me about.

P.S. I haven't been on in quite a while, but I do plan on getting back to my own blog. A lot has happened since the last time I posted. A LOT.