Saturday, November 7, 2009

Costco (yes, for lunch) - St. Louis Park, MN

TheDoctor has been trying to get me to go to Costco for lunch for months now. I finally caved and met him there. He was texting me from the minute he got in there talking about all the cougars coming through the doors and “What up velour tracksuit?”, so it was an pretty hilarious drive to St. Louis Park.

Apparently, the hot dogs are the thing to get and they’re cheap. Sadly, neither of us got one. I ended up with a Polish sausage and what’s called a Chicken Bake. It’s chicken, bacon, cheese, and Caesar dressing rolled up in a pizza dough and baked. It sounded intriguing, so I went with it.

The polish is just a polish. It was fine for a cheap polish, but you could tell it was super processed and not all gristly like a real polish is supposed to be. Covered in ketchup, everything is good, right? The Chicken Bake was really… weird. The chicken part was fine, but everything else was odd. The dressing part mixed with the cheese was an odd combination, and the bacon was really cheap bacon. Oh yeah, and the pizza dough was good too – kind of the sour dough pizza crust with some good flavor in it (wow, better than Lou Malnati’s in Chicago – burn).
You can also get giant pizzas from Costco for super cheap, as well. This actually sounded like a pretty good deal. TheDoctor was speaking highly of their pizza (since that’s what he got for lunch) and it actually looked pretty appetizing. We did a quick run through of the store when we finished lunch, and got to cash in on some things I needed to buy in bulk. Wurd on the Veggie Crunchers…

I don’t know that I’ll be talking anyone into going here for lunch anytime soon, but if invited, I’d go again. It wasn’t terribly expensive, and I STILL haven’t tried a hot dog from there yet.

No top 5 – it’s not worth it.

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I feel like making some horrifically inappropriate comments about the food in that photo, but I'll refrain!

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