Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Experimental Food Night (Sour Cream Chicken) – Minneapolis, MN

As I‘ve said before, about once a week, Trash likes to find horrific recipes and make them for M.Giant and I. And it usually turns out to be awesome. This time, M.Giant found a delicious-sounding recipe online and thought he’d give it a shot for experimental food night. It was Sour Cream Chicken in the crock pot.

Usually when we give Trash the night off, it’s a safe bet she won’t come anywhere near the kitchen when this type of meat-filled cooking is happening. She is a vegetarian, after all. Since M.Giant can spread his culinary experimentation wings, I knew I was in for a treat. Generally because when M.Giant cooks, it involves Chicken In-a-Biskit crackers. And oh boy did this one ever!!!

Here’s how it works, from what I’ve been told. You marinate chicken breast in sour cream for a period of time. I had no idea this would have any effect on chicken at all, due to sour cream not being all that acidic, but I won’t argue with the results. Just DO it. Then you crush up an entire box of Chicken In-A-Biskit crackers and pour half into the crock pot with a melted stick of butter. Throw in the chicken breasts and cover with the rest of the crackers. Then pour in another stick of melted butter. Turn on the crock pot and cook everything until it’s done. I’m sure there are additional steps and temperatures and times I’m leaving out, but this is what I remember: Chicken, sour cream, Chicken In-A-Biskit crackers, and lots of butter.

What comes out of the crock pot is glorious. It’s like the crackers turn into some sort of heavenly buttery stuffing crust and the chicken is super juicy and tender (likely due to the butter bath it has been taking). Really, this is one of the best things we’ve had at experimental food night. No offense, of course, Trash. It’s hard to go wrong when you add Chicken In-A-Biskit crackers to anything in M.Giant and I’s opinions. Delicious!!

Baked potato, some Italian bread, and a salad finish this meal off right, especially with a Dew. Can’t be beat.

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