Friday, March 12, 2010

Thanh Do – St. Louis Park, MN

TheDoctor and I went to celebrate some recent victories in the job hunting arena (or so we thought). GingerMcInjure had talked about Thanh Do in a positive light I thought we should try it. In fact, I’ve had the phrase “You’ve got that Thanh Do attitude” stuck in my head for about two months now. My solution to getting it out of my head was to go here.

I rolled in to meet TheDoctor and scanned the menu. He’d been waiting and already knew what he wanted. I decided on the Bangkok Noodles but had them throw in some extra spice. TheDoctor got the Singapore Street Noodles since he’s from the streets (…of Edina…). He also got extra spice because he’s a real man.

The meal comes with soup of some sort and we both got Egg Drop soup with ours. I’m a big fan of egg drop soup, and this one impressed me a little bit. I don’t like the egg drop soup that has the consistency of snot. I like the brothy kind with LOTS of eggs in it. This was the latter and I liked it a lot. When I get a cold or respiratory ailment, now I want Thanh Do Egg Drop soup. Not that anyone asked to baby me when I’m sick or anything, but just pretend to make a mental note for me.

The Spring Rolls came out and were tasty, but not tightly wrapped so the insides kept falling out. Really enjoyable and fresh though. They were some of the better ones I’ve had flavor-wise, so no complaints really. But there was no SriRacha anywhere, and by the time I realized it, we were mostly done with them. So I had to forego the spicy joy of rooster sauce for this trip…sigh…

The actual food came out and wasn’t what I expected. My dish was an unholy shade of green. I wasn’t scared (since unholy things don’t particularly frighten me) though. I could see the spice in there indicating it would have the proper amount of zing to it. I really liked it. The green stuff was apparently Bangkok-style curry, and then there were tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and noodles. It was exquisite.

TheDoctor’s food was also really good. I had a couple bites of his and approve highly of his choice, especially with the added spice. This dish had egg, vermicelli noodles, bean sprouts, onions, carrots, and curry – sort of a perfect storm for ingredients. And again, my dish was much better than his, so that just blows up TheDoctor’s theory about me being a submissive bitch and letting him order my food for me.

I was really impressed with the level of service here. Very good people and very attentive. But I was really REALLY impressed with the food we got more than anything else. I will be back here again. It was delicious and makes me want to try a ton of other things on their extensive menu.

Top 5 things about Thanh Do
1. Bangkok Noodles
2. Singapore Street Noodles
3. Egg Drop Soup
4. Good spring rolls
5. Very good service

Bottom 5 things
1. The menu (even the lunch menu) is really immense
2. Is it pronounced dooooo or doh? No idea
3. Odd clientele – yes, I’m a judger
4. Severe lack of SriRacha
5. It is $2.99 to add peanuts to anything. Really? $2.99 worth of baseball park peanuts will kill a small child. Just saying…

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