Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jason’s Deli – Eden Prairie, MN

To celebrate my new gainful employment (and to mock the fact that my Tiger Woods 2010 Wii skillz are going down the toilet), EnyaFace! set up a lunch for some fellow coworkers. Yes, I now work in the same office as EnyaFace!, DeltaForceCommander, Trash, and Smallz. Weird. DeltaForceCommander was expected to ditch out on us, so EnyaFace! and I began throwing lunch ideas out to decide between. I drove past Jason’s Deli from time to time and wanted to try it. We opted to go there.

DeltaForceCommander DID decide to go with us, thankfully – we love her and her picky-eating ways. She also brought a coworker and we headed over to Jason’s Deli. The layout of the place is really weird. There’s a separate door for takeout orders and then there’s a group of menus at the front for people to peruse before they get in line. Once in line, you’re unsure if you’re going the right directions, since the cash registers are right at the front, rather than the end of the cafeteria style line (which you don’t actually use). You can watch them make your sandwich if you want, but it doesn’t make sense since they’re going to bring it to your table anyway. There’s a weird salad bar and a drink station at the end as well. Just be prepared to be a little confused when you get there the first time. Some major signage would help, I think.

We figured it out, eventually and ordered our food. They give you those numbered flags for you to put on your table so the servers know where to take things. It’s one of those kind of places. It was also weird since about half of the staff were really rude and half of the staff were super nice and helpful. Kind of a Jeckle and Hyde situation. There was a problem with some guys order when we arrived. He had ordered online and expected to eat it there in the restaurant. The staff couldn’t comprehend why someone would do that and got all bent out of shape. Eventually, the manager came over and helped smooth things out.

I got an Italian Cruz Po’boy sandwich. Ham, hard salami, Italian dressing, Italian peppers, roma tomatoes, lettuce and asiago cheese. It is served with pickle and ridged potato chips. And it came out pretty quickly. The sandwich was good. It seemed very fresh and the meat was flavorful. It was served on a French roll/bun but cut like a hot dog bun, so it was kind of weird. No real issue with it, but it was just kind of a standard sandwich. Maybe like a 6 or 7 out of 10. Just a decent sandwich without any complaints.

Since DeltaForceCommander is a wee human, she ran out of steam with her chicken alfredo – cha-ching!!! I got to finisher meal, and it was good. There was a weird spice on the chicken, but not a bad weird. Just unusual. The alfredo sauce was good and creamy and not gritty like some places. So I guess it’s a slightly better than average chicken alfredo, especially for a non-italian place.

Jason’s Deli only serves Coke products, so I was majorly bummed. I got spoiled in Green Bay where it’s Pepsi country when I was there last weekend. So I settled on a Dr. Pepper to tide me over for lunch until I could get back to my Dew.

Top 5 things about Jason’s Deli
1. Italian Cruz Po’Boy
2. Chicken Alfredo
3. Very new clean atmosphere (no signage though)
4. Big parking lot for the building it’s housed in
5. The food comes out pretty fast

Bottom 5 things
1. Super confusing layout
2. Half rude staff
3. Don’t try to order online and expect to eat it inside
4. Stupid Coke products
5. They offer no parmesan cheese, which is weird, since they have pasta

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Anonymous said...

It was a bipolar kind of place. Naturally, you will return! Heh. Who loves ya, baby?!

I'm happy we are in the same air again.

EnYa Face!