Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Tortadas from Taco Bell – Eden Prairie, MN

I like to try all the new things that Taco Bell rolls out. I’m generally a fan of about everything they try out on people, mostly because in the recent past, it has generally involved bacon. This one is no different. I haven’t seen a lot of television commercials touting this new item, but then again, I don’t watch television much at all.

It’s called a Tortada – which appears to be a combination of the words “tostada” and “torta” (which is a Mexican sandwich) (not to be confused with the sexual maneuver featuring a Hispanic three-some). It’s a tortilla folded in such a way that it ends up being like a pita pocket sandwich. It comes with the choice of two innards – Bacon Ranch, or Salsa Roja. Which one do you think I went with????? You’re right, I went with both – it’s for science, I HAD to. Hahaha.

I didn’t think these would be quite as filling as they were. I was really surprised. It could have had something to do with the Caramello Cookie Dough I had for breakfast (thanks for spoiling me, D.Rough), but I like to think it is unrelated. These Tortada things are pretty significant. I’ve heard the Tortada described as a Crunchwrap in a Quesadilla’s clothing. That’s pretty accurate. The Chicken Bacon Ranch one has chicken, lettuce, diced tomatoes, bacon, and avocado ranch sauce, all wrapped up into a square little tortilla packet.

The Salsa Roja one is pretty similar to the bacon ranch one – chicken, lettuce, fiesta salsa, salsa roja, and three cheeses – cheddar, pepper jack, and mozzarella. And NOW I know what the big difference is – the bacon one has no cheese at all. Weird.

The bacon chicken ranch Tortada is much better than the salsa roja one. The chicken bacon and ranch flavors work well together in most things Taco Bell has done. …Like that Bacon Club taco they had a while back – excellent. In the Tortada, I was a little disappointed at the lack of bacon flavor in it, but every once in a while, I’d get a stellar bite. I was about halfway through the second half of the bacon ranch Tortada when I started to question whether I’d be able to finish a second one of these things. Wow, it was really filling!

The second one of these was the Salsa Roja version. I’m not sure if it was the order that I ate them in, but I was really disappointed with the lack of flavor in this Tortada. I even took a few bites before I came to that conclusion, just in case I got an inferior bite or something. Nope, I just think this thing is lacking in flavor and they’ve tried to replace the flavor with cheese. I was very let down on this thing.

In summary, the Chicken Bacon Ranch Tortada is worth a try, but expect to get really full and don’t expect to be blown away. The Chicken Salsa Roja Tortada could be passed on, in my book – I was not impressed. This is a pretty ho-hum product launch from Taco Bell, especially compared to some of the winners they’ve put out in the recent years. Don’t worry, TB, I’ll not stray far …


Matt said...

i haven't had one of those yet, probably because they don't sound that great to me. i do still like that 1/2 lb nacho crunch burrito though. it's way up on my list of faves from there. thing is... we're so used to hearing fast food weights equalling the amount of pre-cooked beef, and TB gets me every time on this. they're just not that big. the supposedly weigh 8 oz total, but you need three to feel satiated. they're about 2 bucks each too, which i think is odd (high) for TB's pricing.

Ruby James Vita said...

I've had these and agree - they were sooo filling. I <3 taco bell, and am not ashamed, no.