Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Guys Burgers and Fries – Edina, MN

I got the message from Killsbury Doughboy that we were going to do lunch at Five Guys. He and a coworker of his are regulars here on Fridays, so I was happy to get the invite. If you haven’t been to Five Guys, do it – it’s where President Obama goes when he has burger cravings. In fact, the only Five Guys I have gone to was in Washington DC. I was really happy when they opened up a location here down the street from me.

The inside looks like a stripped down old fashioned diner. Lots of red and white checkerboard patterns. There are large boxes of peanuts available for snacking on while you’re waiting in line to order or even after you order while you’re waiting for your food to get called. So while I waited for the guys to join me, I had a little snack.

The menu is on a board above the area where you order. It’s a pretty straight forward menu. Burgers (little or regular) with cheese and/or bacon and hot dogs with cheese and/or bacon. They also have a grilled cheese sandwich, which I haven’t tried yet. Sides are fries – regular or Cajun. And fountain soda pop. That’s it – very simple and straight forward. You get to add any sides you can imagine on your burgers or hot dogs at no additional cost, so you can get pretty inventive.

I ordered a regular bacon cheese burger (regular means two beef patties) with lettuce, ketchup, jalapenos, and A-1 sauce. I skipped the fries since the other two guys usually order a large and split it amongst them – they offered to let me partake.

I headed to the waiting area and watched them make the burgers and fries and such. I realized why the last time I came here, I couldn’t finish the fries. When they make up a batch, they put the cup of fries into your bag, and then they literally dump ANOTHER cup of fries into the bag on top of it. That’s they’re schtick, I guess. The whole bag is filled with fries. So much so, that you can begin to see through the bag before you even make it to your table or out to your car. That means it’s going to be awesome. And you really don’t wait that long for your food to come up, which is nice.
I grabbed a handful of the Cajun fries and was really happy these guys were willing to share. These fries are really quite delicious. Yeah, they’re a little greasy, but that’s part of the awesome. It’s also part of what makes the Cajun seasoning stick. The flavor of the seasoning is top-notch.

The burger itself isn’t anything to trifle with. It’s a serious burger, especially with insane amounts of toppings on it. My burger was even tame compared to Killsbury – he’s basically got a meal as a topping on his burger. Well played, friend. Well played.
The flavor is quite good on these burgers. Even though the fries are greasy and delicious, the burgers aren’t greasy at all. They’re just quality meat patties cooked on a flat top and retain tons of flavor without dripping all over the place. Unless of course, your toppings tend to do that, then you’re on your own. The A-1 was the perfect amount to not overpower, and the jalapenos were the same proportion. Just a well put-together burger, eaten with hilarious gentlemen.

We compared some notes on bad movies and I’m hoping both of these guys will make it to the next bad movie night. I’ll see what I can round up for the October/November Halloween/Thanksgiving theme.

No top 5 for this place, as there aren’t enough option to pick apart. Suffice it to say the food here is delicious.

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