Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rudy’s Tacos – Moline, IL

I can do a pretty quick review of Rudy’s Tacos, since I did one in 2009 and I don’t think I’d change much of it. I met Coach there since I was back in the Quad Cities for our class reunion. Coach and I used to eat at Rudy’s at least once or twice a week, back in our college days. It’s not a place we’d recommend to outsiders, but for Quad City natives, it’s a staple.

I went into the way back machine and ordered something I almost always got when I was growing up. A cheese crisp as an appetizer and then a large combo. I was ready for a cheese overdose!!!

The cheese crisp came out first. It is simply a fried flour shell with an enormous amount of shredded cheddar cheese melted on top of it. Absolutely awesome.

Then for the large combo. It’s hard to get a perspective on the size of this platter, but it’s at least twice as big as the plate the cheese crisp came on. You can kind of tell based on the size of the soda glass I put next to it. These combinations are serious. It has enough cheese on it to kill someone from Wisconsin. It’s a hardshell taco, a tostada (which is being covered by the taco and the cheese on top of that), a beef enchilada, a beef and cheese burrito, a sancho (like a burrito type thing), and a bowl of beans and rice (also covered with shredded cheese). All with a nice blanket of melted shredded cheddar cheese.

It’s glorious. I wasn’t able to finish the entire thing, but I did an incredible amount of damage to this dish. Like I said in my previous review, I’m too biased to really give a fair top and bottom 5, but I’ll keep going back to Rudy’s. It’s in my blood (probably in the form of cholesterol).

...And then, a little later, I had to go to Whitey's Ice cream for a strawberry pineapple milkskake! Sooooooooo delicious. I love being back home sometimes.

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