Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hot Wok – Edina, MN

TheDoctor had just returned from his European travels, which means I needed to get caught up on his adventures. We decided to meet at Hot Wok to hash it out. He’d been here before, but I hadn’t, so I was looking forward to it.

The inside is much smaller than I anticipated - maybe like 10 tables. It’s Chinese food, cafeteria style, where you tell the person behind the counter what you’d like and they hand you a plate. I went with the sesame chicken and the hot and spicy pork. I also got an egg roll, since they suggested it. It would be rude not to. Hahahaha.

Since there was no waiting, we grabbed our seats and dug in. The egg roll wasn’t bad, it was just more greasy than some I’ve had. Not bad flavor though. I’d order one of these again, without question. The sesame chicken was good – about average. No real complaints, but the flavors weren’t all that strong nor vibrant. Just sort of middle of the road. The hot and spicy pork was much better. Not really all that hot nor spicy, but the flavor was better than I expected after the sesame chicken. The fried rice was fine, so not much to report there.

Overall, not a bad experience. Not one I’d rave about, either. I’ll likely be back, especially if TheDoctor invites me again (hint, hint). He’s irresistible.


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