Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bacon–Wrapped Snickers Pastries – Brooklyn Center, MN

The Minnesota RollerGirls had their holiday party this past weekend at the Surly Brewery. Sadly for me, I don’t drink beer. But I DO eat. MNRG has a contest each year with a variety of categories to enter. There’s one for the best use of team colors (my amazing fiancé won that competition with her five-layer 8-inch-high cake), one for the best use of Surly beer in a recipe, a healthy category, a non-designated category, and of course a dessert category.

One of the MNRG volunteers, Johnny Crash, is a fellow bacon lover. He threw together a delicious treat that had quite a few people talking. Once they loosed the crowd on the food, I grabbed a few tiny things at the main food tables and then headed straight to the dessert table to ensure I was going to get one of these things.

Here’s how Johnny described how to make it: You take Pepperidge Farms pastry dough and cook that up. Then pop the top off and finish cooking the inside. You freeze some Snickers candy bars and then fry up some bacon. Use a bacon press so you get it good and flat. Don’t over cook the bacon or you won’t be able to wrap it around the snickers bar. Once you’ve got the bacon wrapped around the bar, put the snickers and bacon in the pastry and re-cover with the top piece of pastry. Finish the dessert with a sprinkling of sifted powdered sugar.

Voila. Delicious. Thank you, Johnny.

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