Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gold Nugget (again) – Minnetonka, MN

See? I told you this client likes to bribe me (completely unnecessarily). I’ve got another major project for him, so he’s buttering me up. He offered to buy me lunch today AND let me pick. I knew it was some sort of test. Picking a fancy place would tell him I’m high-maintenance and like to soak the company expense account. Pick a trashy place and he’ll know I like good food, but don’t like to eat at places with cloth napkins. I went with the perfect combo of both of these. The Gold Nugget. It’s upscale bar food on par with Granite City, but an independent restaurant, rather than a chain (I definitely didn’t want him to think I was a chain-restaurant eater). It’s the perfect mix of classy, delicious, mid-priced, and a varied menu.

I was already in the mood for a delicious burger, but they had a special, which I couldn’t pull my thoughts away from. The special was sort of a burger. It was two slider burger patties (see, still a burger) put on a cut biscuit and then covered with gravy. As soon as the server said gravy, I knew what I was getting. I also needed sweet potato fries. My client and I had just been talking about mac and cheese, so we decided to split an order of that between ourselves. I assured him it was some of the best around, since I’d had it a few times previously.

The food comes out really quick here. We didn’t wait long before delicious piles of food arrived. The burger was even more beautiful than I expected. I didn’t realize it was sausage gravy they had poured over the burger. Now, that’s what I’m talking about! I dug into the fries and they were fantastic. I really like how they season the sweet potato fries here. Really good and crispy without being burnt, as well.

The burger didn’t really lend itself to being picked up and eaten. It was more of a fork burger. It didn’t matter though – it was top-notch. Really a delicious burger and the gravy enhanced the flavor, not covered it up. I think I might start doing this at home with my burgers. I can’t think of anything I’d add to this burger (aside from bacon, of course) that could make it better. It was a really delicious concoction the cook made here. Sort of likes hamburgers and biscuits and gravy. Why WOULDN’T that be good?!?! I’d eat this again and again.

Finally, moving on to the mac and cheese, it was as amazing as it always is. Gruyere, Cheddar, and Parmesan cheese all mixed together and then the whole thing is covered with breadcrumbs and then baked for a really golden crispy top. The stuff is really heavy. I know there have been times where I haven’t been able to finish because of the mac and cheese. Thankfully, I was splitting it this day and was really happy to not leave any on the table when I left.

I won’t top 5 this one again, but it’s really good. You won’t be disappointed there.


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