Sunday, January 1, 2012

Doritos from Taiwan

I have a client at work that I actually enjoy doing work for. He’s fun, personable, has a sense of humor, has high-visibility/important projects, and is realistic about workload and timelines. What more could I possibly want? Nothing, really, but he’s convinced I only work for bribes. I’m not going to deter him, either. He tends to bring me food or take me out to lunch, so I think he’s got me all figured out.

He brought me a bag of Doritos from Taiwan the other day, to convince me to help him with a project. Funny, I already get paid to do these kind of projects for him, and I’d probably do it for free, since he’s that nice of a guy (I hope he doesn’t ever find this blog). But fun things like food from other countries is going to win me over every time.

I busted open the bag, expecting to find odd chicken tongues or gelatinous goo or a random bone. (I’ve recetly been to China, where any of those things might appear in your food at any point.) I smelled that all-too-familiar fake nacho cheese smell that I’ve grown up with - tasty! And..., they tasted identical to American Doritos. Aside from not being able to read anything aside from the logo, they’re the exact same thing.

I know you all were hoping for something ground-breaking and odd, but these Doritos are just what you’d expect. Why am I writing about them, then? Two reasons. 1) If you ever find yourself stuck in Taiwan unable to recognize any food being killed in front of you and skewered in boiling soup and you're terrified to eat – you’ll be able to find a bag of Doritos and know they’re going to get you through the day. 2) It is a slow work day and I’m actually putting off working on this client’s project to type this blog entry. I’ll chalk it up to working on his project though. Makes it seem more work-related.


Anonymous said...

Haha Taiwan is actually a very technologically advanced country (along with Japan and Korea) therefore you probably wouldn't find anything too exotic or unsanitary like in China. In the city like Taipei you can find just as many food options as in New York City.

Oh yeh, they also have plenty of costco, ikea, and starbucks too!

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