Monday, September 24, 2012

Foxy Falafel Foodtruck – St. Paul, MN

I met Garrison for our regularly scheduled Wednesday food truck lunch in downtown St. Paul. There were only a few trucks to choose from, however, there were delicious-sounding things at all of them. We decided on the Foxy Falafel truck, since I hadn’t been there before. I’ve eaten a lot of falafel in my day, so I for sure needed to try Foxy’s.

I opted for the Curry Falafel combo, which came with a side of quinoa salad. The food doesn’t take long to get prepared, so we were eating within a few minutes of ordering.
I was really pleased with this falafel. It was moist without being oily from the fryer. And I’ve had a ton of dried out falafel – thankfully this wasn’t one of them. The curry flavor could have been a little stronger, but I say that because it was delicious and I wanted more of it. It was really good and the other ingredient (cucumber and tomato) were very flavorful and fresh. The pita was fresh and didn’t crumble apart.

The quinoa salad was quite tasty as well. I’m a big fan of both hot and cold quinoa salads, and this one I could have had 5 more containers of an not gotten sick of. Again, it had the fresh tomatoes and cilantro and was the perfect accompaniment to the falafel.

I’m a fan of Foxy’s and would recommend it highly. You won’t get dried out falafel balls here – they’re just about perfect. Enjoy!

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