Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hudson – Seattle, WA

WCL and ChickenLittle decided we should head over to Hudson for breakfast. That’s a restaurant name, not a city. It’s an interesting little diner/bar with some attention paid to the menu offerings. I was happy with just about everything I saw in the menu, but had to narrow it down to one thing. Not easy.

The nice thing was this place served drinks. That’s what I’m talking about. Screwdrivers always start the morning right.

Also, watching an army guy peeing on a fence while facing traffic and in plains sight is also a hilarious way to start the morning.

Since I had a minute or two to decide on breakfast, I went with the Francesca Scramble. I really wanted the chicken fried steak, but WCL was getting it and offered to let me have a bite or two. She’s nice like that.

The food was really quick, since we were one of three tables occupied at Hudson. Bonus for us. The Francesca is three eggs, sausage, roasted red peppers, jalapenos, and parmesan cheese, all scrambled together. Served with a side of hashbrowns and toast. This combination of flavors was great. I don’t’ think I’ve ever had these kinds of peppers together with parmesan. But I’m going to in the future. It was a better than average breakfast. Waaay better than greasy spoon diner and flavor-wise, superior to many breakfasts I’ve had. I am a fan.
Also, the chicken fried steak was one of the best I’ve had. Very thick breading on it, and no greasy taste. Just delicious breading and quality steak inside. Loved the two bites I was honored with. Hudson is worth a trip if you’re in the area and need a drink or two with breakfast.

And I didn’t realize the French toast is actually deep fried French toast. AAAGGHHH!!!!I would have gotten that! (and chicken fried steak)(and a scramble)(and more drinks).

Top 5 things about Hudson
1. Chicken Fried Steak
2. Francesca Scramble
3. A.M. Drinking
4. Robust menu with talented chefs
5. Really nice atmosphere, including a horseshoe bar and nice outdoor patio

Bottom 5 things
1. I didn’t see the deep fried French toast or the shredded beef brisket omelet!!!
2. Very industrial location – not much else around it except warehouses and parking lots
3. Coach and ChickenLittle’s eggs weren’t cooked to their liking
4. Army guy peeing, I didn’t need to see
5. I almost think this place would be more awesome if there were less windows. It’s got a dark bar feel, but sunny windows. Weird conflicting emotions!

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