Monday, September 10, 2012

Luna Park Café – Seattle, WA

It was our last day in Seattle and ChickenLittle and WCL wanted to take Coach and I someplace fun. They know of this greasy spoon diner filled with all kinds of fun memorabilia on the walls and ceilings. It’s a pretty fun place to hang out and look at both the clientele and the collection of awesome toys and gadgets from my youth. I’m talking about Popples, Knight Rider, and The Dark Crystal lunch boxes, Batman kiddie rides for a quarter, and other awesome things. Loved it. For those of you from Illinois, it’s like the Maid-Rite for the 70’s/80’s generation. Super fun.

The menu has a bunch of things to choose between, and ChickenLittle explained you can get a pile, a hobo, or an omelet. A Pile is your toppings on top of a pile of hasbrowns. A Hobo is like a hash, combined with your eggs and hasbrowns. And an omelet is pretty self explanatory. I went with the Carnivore Hobo.

The food comes out pretty quickly, so you don’t get to look at the memorabilia as much as you’d like, but that’s alright because the food is quite distracting. It’s a serious portion of food and I knew I wasn’t going to be in for a tough fight to finish the whole thing. It’s basically a huge hashed up mixture of delicious sausage, ham, and bacon covered in cheddar cheese and mixed with scrambled eggs and hashbrowns. Super good! Despite the fact that it’s filled with meat, it wasn’t like an overdose of meat. There was an appropriate amount of meat in each bite and I got good and full trying to finish it. Worth every penny.

I loved it and think I’ll find a way to get back to the Luna Park Café the next trip I make to Seattle… which hopefully will be soon!

Not enough to do a top 5 on this one. I will be back here, though!

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