Monday, June 10, 2013

Glorioso’s Italian Market – Milwaukee, WI

D.Rough and I had finished up all of the roller derby activities in the city for the weekend and wanted to grab a late lunch/early dinner. I wanted to take her to Glorioso’s Italian Market for some time, so we headed over there to see what sort of goodies we could get at the deli/bakery.

They’ve recently moved across the street and upgraded their atmosphere. It’s pretty classy now. There’s a couple of shelves of shelf-stable and dried/canned foods, a refrigerated cabinet, a nice wine and beer area, a dessert care with cookies, cakes, and gelato, a meat and cheese counter, a deli counter, some fresh produce, and a grocery area in the center of the store. It’s a ice layout and flow, so well played on the new location!

We checked out a few things, but got caught up at the deli counter and were in need of some sandwich-type things to eat out in the sun (they have a nice outdoor patio eating area in front of the building). We went with a fig & prosciutto flatbread and also a Villa Sub #1 (meatballs, pepperoni, pepperoncini, provolone). They told us it would be a few minutes so we walked around and checked out the rest of the store. They have a ton of stuff from Italy, including cheeses and snacks and olives, and other delicious things.

Our name got called over the loudspeaker and we retrieved our sandwiches and a couple of other items we picked up while browsing. We paid and went outside to see what we had gotten.
The Villa Sub was a good meatball sandwich. We got the small one, but they had cut it in helf for us so we could share. A very nice sesame seed roll with good flavor. The pepperoni really added some zip to the sandwich and I was pretty happy with this choice.

The fig & prosciutto flatbread was a small pizza sliced up for us to eat. The ingredients were fresh and the prosciutto was cooked enough that when you bit into it, you didn’t drag the whole slice off on to your shirt. The flavor was good, and the balsamic reduction they had on top of the pizza was a really good accompaniment to the sweet figs that were also on top. Nice craker-thin crust rubbed with some garlic before baking. It's a nice pizza! (sorry. Flatbread.)

It was a good lunch – not the best in the world, but a really appropriately sized snack before hitting the road for 6+ hours to drive back home.

Top 5 things about Glorioso’s Italian Market
1. Well defined sections for different foods
2. Fig & Prosciutto Flatbread
3. Great beer/wine section
4. Villa Sub #1
5. Lots of things to look at and they will offer you samples of things if you need them

Bottom 5 things
1. I expected bigger and classier than the middle-of-the-road atmosphere we got – maybe we’re spoiled by the Cosetta’s renovation in St. Paul
2. A lot of the desserts (including cheese cakes) came from outside giant chains like Cheesecake Factory
3. It’s pricey, but not off the charts, especially for a very unique deli
4. The website isn’t the most user friendly in the world
5. They have my favorite olives in the world – Castelvetranos – and I didn’t get any – my fault

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