Saturday, June 8, 2013

Frank’s Diner – Kenosha, WI

I had the morning free and was in the mood for a drive from Milwaukee, so I decided to go to the place that Betty and Rink recommended to me: Frank’s Diner. It is in “downtown” Kenosha – a pretty run-down downtown, but still has a handful of old-timey shops still eeking out enough profits to stay afloat. It’s also ALMOST on the lakeshore which DOES have a spectacular view and some impressive boats in the marina – worth a two block walk.

Frank’s is in an old dining car, but it has a couple of additions built on to it. So you’ve got your counter area where you sit two feet from the grilling awesomeness of the cook. Then you’ve got some booths in one portion of the enlarged room, and then they‘ve built on a back room to house overflow. When my brother-in-law Uncle DumDum went here, he said there was a line and every available seat was being used. I must have gotten lucky. I parked it at a spot right by the grill, since I enjoy a good show with my dinner and then I can hear the staff smack talk and crack wise at each other. Fun for me.

I knew the thing to order here is called the garbage plate. It’s kind of a pile of eggs, hashbrowns, meat, and veggies to your liking. I tried NOT to order it, but I couldn’t resist – it sounded… right. I got a half garbage plate (full disclosure) with bacon and corned beef hash, cheddar cheese and jalapenos. And sure, throw on a side of homemade toast, as well.

The server turned around and handed the cook the slip and two minutes later, the food was sitting in front of me. Looking all hot and sassy. I threw on some Tabasco and ketchup and set to work on it.

It was good. I wouldn’t say life changing, but it was honestly a great diner breakfast. I’d happily order this again. You could taste the corned beef hash and the bacon and everything was in the perfect proportion. Nothing overwhelming. And it surprisingly wasn’t greasy, either. Just perfect for diner food. The homemade toast was also buttered generously, like I like, and complemented breakfast perfectly.

I was full, but not stuffed. And happy. Rink and Betty, this was a great recommendation and even though it wasn’t on the way to anywhere, it was worth the trip for me.

Not enough info for a Top 5 list, but it would be mostly positive anyway! Nailed it!

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