Thursday, June 6, 2013

Kiku Japanese Restaurant – Milwaukee, WI

Roller derby had ended for the evening and we were all hangry (angry+hungry=hangry) (angry at having not eaten real food in too long, not because of anything that happened – MNRG played some of the best derby I’ve seen them play). A faction of us decided sushi was in order and there was a place within walking distance that served late enough we could eat.

The menu has a ton of rolls and other sushi on it. D.Rough and I were in the mood for serious specialty rolls, so we got a Superman Maki roll, a Las Vegas Maki roll, and a Big Country Roll. We were tempted to get a fourth roll, but thought we could go ahead and get another if we were hungry. We needed a Kani Salad to split, as well. This is D.Rough’s favorite thing of all time and we have to order it whenever we see it on the menu.

And I needed a flaming volcano drink for two. It was delicious and I’ve never had it blended up like this. Like a piratey daiquiri.

The Kani Salad was out and was one of the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen. It was beautiful to look at. And thankfully, it was one of the better Kani Salads we’ve had, as well. There wasn’t any seaweed, which I’ve usually seen with this salad, but I almost forgot about it, since the flavor of the sauce in the shredded crab was so good. If we had had more energy, we probably would have fought over this one (or ordered another one), but suffice it to see, it was a fantastic start.

The rolls came out a while later, which I suppose is ok, considering there were 10 of us. The rolls were huge. The biggest I’ve ever seen. They were three-biters or four-biters. There was no way you were popping these into your mouth. When you see the $17 per roll pricetag on the menu, don’t be alarmed, they make up for it by giving you $17 worth of sushi. The fish and veggies and all the ingredients were very fresh and tasty. I didn’t hear a single person complain about any of it. The only thing I heard people complain about was not being able to finish all their food. I’m a serious eater and I was not able to finish the three rolls that D.Rough and I ordered. Thankfully, we didn’t order a fourth roll. My favorites, in order of liking, were the Superman Maki, Las Vegas Roll, and the Big Country, but I honestly liked all of them.

Be ready to eat a lot at this place. Which means one roll per person is a pretty safe start. You’ve been warned.

Also, I love giving OurManFlip a hard time, so I video'd him eating sushi, when he thought I was taking a photo. I'm a jerk, but OurManFlip is an awesome guy!

Top 5 things about Kiku Japanese Restaurant
1. Superman Maki
2. Las Vegas Maki
3. Kani Salad
4. Big Country Roll
5. Portions are massive

Bottom 5 things
1. It can get pricey
2. Not super fast
3. Service was a little shaky, but everyone got what they ordered (and the food is worth the wait)
4. Parking isn’t the easiest but it’s a downtown restaurant, so deal with it
5. Sometimes, 4-bite sushi can get messy

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