Monday, October 7, 2013

Early Girl Eatery – Asheville, NC

We had some time on our hands one morning in Asheville, so Mario, A-Wow, Myrna, and Sarah joined me for some breakfast at Early Girl Eatery – a restaurant a few people had recommended for breakfast and lunch.

The place is said to always have a wait and this morning was no different. There was a wait. Like a 90-minute wait. We would see if it was worth it.

The menu had some very interesting breakfast items on it. A couple of creative benedicts to choose from, and some awesome sounding daily specials including duck and some other things. As soon as I saw the Porky Breakfast Bowl, I knew I was going to get that. I even put down my menu so I wouldn’t change my mind and regret it.

When it arrived, I knew I had ordered the right thing. Homefries, bbq pork, scrambled eggs, farmstead cheese smothered in smoky bacon gravy. There was nothing else that could make this more awesome. No, wait. Fire From the Mountain habanero hot sauce. THAT would make it better - and it did. The pulled pork was smoky and moist and the eggs weren’t overcooked like some places do. And the smoky bacon gravy was something I had never had before. I can’t believe that, to be honest. But now that I’ve had it, I will both order it every time I see it, and also figure out how to make it myself. Soooo delicious and creamy without feeling like I was chewing bacon grease.

Great breakfast and not the run of the mill kind of standard fare you get at many diner-y places. It was absolutely worth standing in the rain on the sidewalk for 90 minutes to get inside. This place is great for breakfast, and a few people even went there and scored great food for lunch, as well. Check this place out!


lee said...

I just learned how to make bacon or sausage gravy this week-end! after the bacon/sausage is cooked, remove the pork but leave the dripping in the pan. put about 1/4 cup of flour in the skillet over low heat and whisk it. don't let it get really brown (unless you like it really brown). you just want to cook off the raw flavor. add salt and pepper. add milk a bit at a time and whisk it in until its a little thinner than you want it. turn up the heat and keep whisking it will it bubbles until it is the consistency you want. add the crumbled bacon or sausage back in if you want to make sawmill gravy. i've only made it twice-once when I was taught, and once on my own. my teacher- a great southern cook in her 60s promises me it will get better each time I make it.

Chao said...

Lee, this is fantastic!!!! Thank you so much. Now I need to figure out when I can make this happen. I'm hungry for it all over again, now!