Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sawmills Veterans Park Disc Golf Course – Sawmills, NC

I had some time to play a second course while down in Hickory, so I went to Veterans Park. It’s a very well maintained park with a relatively new disc golf course.

The first hole is near the tribute to the veterans and you throw pretty much through the flags behind the memorial. Odd, but a pretty challenging open hole.

Then, into the woods (with a couple of mando's). Thankfully, there were always defined fairways, but they weren’t always wide open.

And lots of good elevation.

Then there’s this awesome hole off an elevated deck. It’s a very solid tee, to my surprise. I’ve been on a few other tees like this and haven’t always felt safe – or the railing at the end was a hindrance to throwing. This one was perfectly built. And it was nice and long. Over 400 ft. Something not common in these parts. This was one of my favorite holes in this area. And I grabbed a nice par, which didn’t hurt.

Then, back into the woods. (Do you see a pattern here?)

Finally, the course finished with an open hole with a tight pin placement near the entrance of the park.

The final hole is a fun just-under-400-foot hole the looks like a left-hander friendly hole, but ends back with a tail back to the left. A nice birdie if you can get it – I didn’t – but nothing that will send you back to the car angry.

This was a nice course and very well kept.

Now, that I’ve seen a few of Hickory’s courses, I’ll be VERY hesitant to play anyone from here on a wooded course. I will assume they can all throw 250 feet on a very precise line and not hit any trees. But I WILL challenge them on a longer more open course. I might be able to pull off a W in that situation.

It was a good day of disc golf, despite me blowing out my hiking boots. When I get back to Hickory, I’ll definitely play this course again. It’s got a variety of shots – some I have in my bag and some I don’t. haha.

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