Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mayfel’s – Asheville, NC

After the Minnesota RollerGirls played their first game of the Divisional Roller Derby Tournament in Asheville, we needed to get some hearty food. We walked down the street from the venue and found this southern cooking (almost Cajun) restaurant with a nice patio. We basically took over the patio with all our people and checked out the menu.

Lots of things to choose from, but D.Rough and I thought we would share some things. We kept going back to this pimento cheese-covered cornbread. We had to get it. D.Rough wanted the Muffaletta sandwich and I wanted the friend shrimp po’ boy. We were going to split them, so we’d get to try more things.

The corn bake came out first and was even better than we expected. Sweet moist cornbread with pimento cheese poured over the top. I’ll be honest – pimento cheese is like fancy velveeta with some peppers in it, but it is delicious. I’m not knocking it at all, I promise.

The sandwiches were pretty darn large as well. The shrimp po’ boy was covered with a fun remoualde and served on a nice baguette. The breading on the shrimp wasn’t heavy, thick, nor greasy, and we both commented on how perfectly done it was. Great sandwich and I think the remoulade had a little zing to it. Just seasoning, not heat, but delicious, all the same. The fries were pretty standard. Overall, it was a great meal.

The muffaletta was surprisingly good. I’m very surprised about how much cheese was on it. It had provolone and mozzarella cheese on it in a serious way. I was thrilled with it. The meat on the sandwich also surprised me – I thought these things were primarily stuffed with olives, but this one was pretty special. Plus the bread it was on was toasted just a little bit, not all burned out like sometimes happens. Plus the sweet potato fries were really crispy and tasty. I liked these a lot more than the standard fries that came with the other sandwich.

This was a pretty tasty meal. I think most people were pretty happy with the meals we had. Some people had burgers. Some people had cupcakes. Some people had the beignets. Lots of good comments from this place. Nicely done.

No top 5, but suffice it to say it was a great experience. Nicely done, Mayfel.

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