Thursday, November 19, 2015

Big River Pizza – St. Paul, MN

D.Rough and I usually have an agreement where if we both want to eat at a newly opened restaurant, we won’t go there without each other – unless exceptions are discussed ahead of time. We wanted to check out Big River Pizza and we both had a free night, so we headed downtown to check it out. 

You need to read some of the directions on chalkboard signs to figure out how to order. They have a step by step process detailed out. You can choose your size, you can choose your toppings (your own style, or one of their concoctions), you can even choose how you want your pizza cut (triangles or squares). We finally decided on a St. Vincent Pizza, a 12” one, and a Caesar salad, which I’ve heard are delicious. 

This place also has beer and wine, so don’t leave that off your order. 

The salad came out and they brought out extra plates so we could share. The Caesar salad had great dressing on it. You can taste the anchovies, but you don’t see them. Some people like this version, since they’re in denial about eating anchovies. It was a great salad. A friend of mine raved about the salads here, and I of course mocked her for getting the salad at a pizza place, but she’s actually proved me wrong in this case.

The pizza is cooked in a clay oven and we got to watch the whole process. It arrived as we finished our salad and looked fantastic. The St. Vincent has red sauce, provolone, thick-cut bacon, fresh garlic, black pepper, and red chili flakes. The cheese on this pizza is serious – seriously good. 

The bacon on it is super thick, which stands up to the cooking process very well and there’s plenty of it on the pizza. We were really happy about this decision and we will plan to go back to Big River Pizza very soon.

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