Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The French Bulldog – Omaha, NE

I met my long lost friend from the Quad Cities, NoPants, in Omaha – she’s been going to school there and doesn’t get many visitors from back home. I met her a block from her house at this awesome little French bistro and charcuterie and cheese place called The French Bulldog. 

It’s got a small list of fancy cocktails and what better way to start your day than with a wonderful purple fizzy cocktail – which is what I got.  Purple Fizz. It was glorious.
We decided to get the Charcuterie and Cheese plate to share, even though I had been eating constantly for about 5 hours. Not joking. I was just going to sample various things while we got caught up on our lives. I know we got the Rillettes, the Corriander sausage, and the pate of the week, which was an Italian spicy spreadable sausage called Nduja. We also got the Little Darling cheese and the Grana Padano cheese. 

Shortly after, the server brought us a giant cheese board with pickles, mustard, and honey. It was fantastic. Our favorite part was the Nduja, in case you were wondering. It was really quite fantastic and fun to smash into various pieces of bread. Followed VERY closely by the Little Darling cheese (which I may or may not have convinced them to sell me a few chunks before I left).

NoPants also ordered some sort of tomato and basil quiche that looked delicious. I'm assuming it was delicious since she didn't even offer to share it with me. (I'm totally kidding, she offered, but I was full. Sometimes I exaggerate.)

The French Bulldog makes all of their own charcuterie there in house and has a nice window into the kitchen if you’d like to see who the sausage is made – not a metaphor, actually. It’s really a great place to have a nice cocktail and a pile of meat and cheese. 

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