Friday, November 13, 2015

La Buvette – Omaha, NE

When two different unrelated sets of people recommend a restaurant in Omaha, you should probably go there. La Buvette is in the Old Market area and it’s a perfectly snooty French wine bar where all the servers act as if you’re inconveniencing them and you should be happy they’re even helping you. I’m only exaggerating a little this time. My friend NoPants had a hankerin’ for some wine and cheese, and who am I to complain?...

The place is more like a wine shop with some snacks. There are wine bottles all along the walls that you can pick out and they’ll uncork for you – for an additional fee. Not uncommon, frankly, but interesting nonetheless. The server brought us a menu which is a lot of snacks and smaller plate items, and some of their more popular wines, both glasses and bottles. 

We skimmed the menu and eventually turned around and grabbed the nearest bottle off the wall behind us – I’m 100% not kidding. It was just easier, and we both like Cotes du Rhone. (It was a 2013 Luberon from Dauvergne Ranvier – very tasty) The wine here isn’t outlandishly priced, which was actually very nice. Much more affordable than I even expected, even with the corkage fee.

Eventually NoPants caved and ordered a bunch more cheese, even though we had been eating copious amounts of cheese up to this point in the day. But when you share a bottle of wine between two people, sometimes you need some snacks.

This place is worth a check-out if you’re in the Old Market area of Omaha. Even if you stop in for a quick glass, you won’t be disappointed with the quality nor the prices. Very fun visit!

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