Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Loon Café – Minneapolis, MN

A-Wow and I needed to grab some food before Chikara Pro Wrestling, so we popped into The Loon Café right around the corner. I knew it was a sports bar of some sort, and that’s pretty much what you’d expect – lots of TVs showing sports and sports memorabilia hung on the walls. And beer specials – cha-ching.

The menu is pretty expansive, compared to what I was expecting. There’s like 8 pages of things – lots of appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, salads, and pastas. They’re known for their chili, so A-Wow ended up with the Texas-style chili. He thought it was a pretty good showing – which says a lot since his family is from Texas and they know their food (and heat levels).

I got the Walleye Tacos. They were about average, so I wasn’t disappointed or anything. I was hoping for more heat in them, since they said they were habanero-breaded, but didn’t taste much heat in them. The salsas were pretty good though – regular salsa and pineapple-mango salsa. They came with a side of tortilla chips, so obviously, all the salsa found a home. With all the things on the menu, I’d definitely get something else on the menu next time I go to wrestling. Hahaha

Not enough for a top 5 list.

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