Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Chikara Pro Wrestling at Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN

When I moved to the Twin Cities many years ago, I basically moved here because of the culture this area is able to sustain. Mainly music and art, to be honest. I had no idea how much culture would involve pro and semi-pro wrestling. I used to watch a lot of wrestling with my father, back when it looked like it was in someone’s basement – AWA. Then, again with my little brother, we’d watch WWF. I basically dropped off the bandwagon before it went to WWE, so I have some big gaps in my wrestling pop culture repertoire. But a handful (a LARGE handful) of my friends are still really into wrestling, so I get to go see really awesome stuff fairly regularly in the Twin Cities.

Chikara Pro Wrestling is a touring professional wrestling outfit that specializes in masks and acrobatic wrestling styles. These guys are really serious athletes. They always roll a bunch of local wrestlers into the matches, to draw from their fanbase, so we got to see some of our favorite Twin Cities boys – The Kentucky Gentleman Chuck Taylor, Arik Cannon, Sheik Ariya Daivari, Wildcat, and a handful of others.

There were 8 or 9 bouts and it started out with some fun/hokey matches and continued up through some of the major players. We had stage seats, so we ended sitting right on the aisle the wrestlers would make their entrances through. They were great seats, in fact. If you haven’t been to a wrestling event in the Twin Cities, you should probably attend one, just to see what they’re like. It’s like a big party with wrestlers in attendance. The next one is Wrestlepalooza at First Avenue on January 8th. See you there!

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