Friday, December 25, 2015

Bad Movie Night (Christmas Wrestling Theme) – West St. Paul, MN

When I announced the theme of this Bad Movie Night, a friend of mine said she was really shocked there were more than ZERO of these movies. I assured her there were four that I know of, but I’m only showing two of them.

I showed “Santa With Muscles” – an early Hulk Hogan movie (pre-handlebar mustache). It’s a pretty awful movie where the Hulkster get amnesia and thinks he’s Santa and goes around helping orphans (including a REALLY young Mila Kunis).

The I showed “Santa’s Slay” – a movie where Goldberg (as Santa) is hell bent on killing as many people as possible in his once-every-thousand-years killing spree. It is pretty good by Bad Movie Night standards, and has lots of hilarious scenes to yell and laugh at.

I also showed “I Am Santa Claus” with Mick Foley interviewing various people who play Santa Claus at malls and holiday parties around the country. It’s a pretty epic documentary.

As usual, my friends showed their creativity during the potluck portion of the night.

We had Royal Crumble


and Adam’s Apple Rose

In case you’re looking for Christmas wrestling movies, these are some pretty top-notch recommendations. There’s also “Christmas Bounty” with The Wiz, but it tries to hard to be a Hollywood movie and falls flat – too flat for even Bad Movie Night.

Happy holidays, ya’ll.

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