Friday, March 4, 2011

Arby’s Angus Three Cheese & Bacon – Hopkins, MN

Trash sent M.Giant and I a message asking if we had heard about the new sammich from Arby’s. We hadn’t, but we are generally fans of their food, so we had high hopes. When she sent us the link to it, we were in. After M.Giant made me wait an entire day to join me for lunch, we commenced the fun-fest for our taste buds.

When I ordered the new Angus Three Cheese & Bacon, the manager behind the counter commented on how good they are. He said every day he tells himself he’s not going to eat another one and he does anyway. And he’s a skinny kid, so I assumed these things are healthy if he’s on an all beef and cheese diet and keeping pounds off like a heroin addict. (Hey, this is America – the land of proactive disillusion – don’t oppress me with the truth.) Rave review from a manager? Yeah, I’m easily swayed.

M.Giant and I got the appropriate condiments for our meal (I had curly fries, so I needed some lubrication for them), and a Diet Dew – yeah, that’s right. Diet. We sat down and unwrapped these things. Holy cats, they looked delicious. M.Giant exclaimed “There are cheeses in three states!!!” (Here is where I’ll admit I was trying to figure out which states besides Wisconsin were known for cheese, and I was pretty sure that Switzerland hadn’t been colonized by the United States… YET. I realized a day later how much of a dummy I am.) What M.Giant actually meant was there were three different STATES of BEING for the cheese – Shredded Cheddar, Slice of Swiss Cheese (processed, of course), and Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch Sauce. To recap – that’s shredded, sliced, and sauced.

All this is covering the pile of super-thick sliced roast angus beef. Not the usual Arby’s thin sliced beef – which I know a lot of people complain about, but I LOVE – this is serious cut and seasoned slices of actual Black Angus beef.

Then, they have pepper bacon on top, which is taking my favorite food and making it even more favorite-y!!! Unpossible, you say? To quote Dolemite, “I ain’t lyin’”.

This sandwich is sooooo much better than I expected. In fact, M.Giant and I determined that it stands alone and needs zero condiments on it. All of the proportions of cheese were correct and the ratio of meet-to-cheese-to-bun was perfect, so the flavors are all. You don’t need Arby’s mega vinegar-y BBQ sauce to assist on this one. You don’t need ketchup to mask any flavors. M.Giant said the Horseradish sauce just complicated and covered the deliciousness. The only one that I even liked to put on this sandwich was the five pepper sauce they have. But it totally didn’t need it. The sandwich is fantastic.

We both decided this sandwich is a winner. Kudos to you, Arby’s. I’m now convinced Arby’s stole the chef from the Taco Bell test kitchen who required bacon on all new menu items and now have him leading R&D for Arby’s. To back my theory, Taco Bell has significantly lacked bacon-themed menu items in recent history. I will eat the Angus Three Cheese and Bacon again. In fact, I just got a coupon in the mail and I might leave for Arby’s right now. Yeah, I think I will.

Be forewarned – M.Giant has vowed to hand out an ass-whoopin’ to anyone he catches stealing the “g” off of any Arby’s sign promoting this new sandwich…

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