Monday, March 7, 2011

Joe Rouer’s Bar – Luxemburg, WI (Or Duvall, WI, depending on what your GPS says)

I was in Green Bay for a conference this weekend and I’ve been hearing about Joe Rouer’s for a few years since I started coming to this annual conference. A bunch of attendees went to Joe Rouer's on Saturday for lunch, but I rolled into town while they were there so I missed the whole thing. I had some free time on Sunday, so I drove there myself (with multiple sets of directions and two different GPS units – I’m dead serious).

The place is in a town called Luxemburg… or Duvall, depending on which town your GPS recognizes. Add the additional complication of the highway department changing the actual name of the road from County Road A to County Road X and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Complicate things further by the fact that I got Main Street in Green Bay mixed up with University so I got myself thoroughly turned around. Based on previous experience, the more of a debacle it is to find a restaurant I’ve been urged to eat at, the better the food usually was. This food had REALLY high potential for greatness.

I drove about 30-35 minutes out of Green Bay and down some tiny double lane roads in farm country by a giant lake, and eventually found it. In the middle of nowhere. Seriously. It’s at the intersection of a one-stop-sign town. Here, I’ll show you. Basically it’s the first turn on the left after you get lost, but that’s difficult to put on a website (which is probably why they don’t have a website).

The place was busy. Tons of cars in the lot. Almost all of them American-made. My Toyota stuck out like a turd in a punchbowl. Oh well. I hoped I was going to make it out of this place with my tires intact. I walked inside and found the place equally packed with people inside. I found one empty barstool at the bar right in front of the cash register. Not even enough room to put a plate between the edge of the bar and the cash register. Oh well. I grabbed a table tent menu and found what I needed. A cheese burger and some white cheddar cheese curds. I’d make it simple since I had to get back to my people at the conference. They also had Sprecher rootbeer on tap, but I was feeling a bit … off… due to the Bad Bar the previous night, so I got a Dew.

I will tell you I was a little disappointed that I had a time constraint because if I hadn’t, I would have ordered some Booyah and a bowl of Pea Soup in addition to the burger and curds. It just sounded delicious. If you haven’t had Booyah, then you need to find some somewhere or make it. You’ll be glad you did.

I looked around the place while waiting and being jostled by waitresses trying to sneak between me and the cash register near the kitchen. Oh well. I seriously didn’t mind and it was kind of amusing. They were super friendly about it and it wasn’t a big deal – I’m just telling you so you don’t choose that stool if there are open places elsewhere. Joe Rouer’s has a bubble hockey table and no one was using it. Sadly, I was solo so I didn’t get to play, which was a bit of a bummer, but I’ll live. I was most entertained by the staff telling customers they couldn’t show the NASCAR race on television since Dish Network had some sort of argument with Fox and they weren’t showing channel 11. Seriously, people were outraged. One guy couldn’t even sit down – he just paced around angrily with his beer complaining about it. Hilarious. They take it very seriously there. Like most Wisconsin bars, there was Packers gear EVERYWHERE and some historical Packers footage showing on the screens (instead of NASCAR).

The food came out fairly quickly, despite the place being packed with customers. The curds looked awesome, there was a pile of pickles, which I only had two of, and the burger looked amazing. I dug into the curds and was really happy with my decision. They were perfectly battered and cooked. Zero complaints on the curds. I then moved to the burger after a few curds. This burger was really good. Really greasy, but really good. Here’s a photo so you can tell how good/greasy it is.

The flavor was fantastic. It was seasoned with something I didn’t recognize, but could have been Lawry’s and something else. I loved it. I wolfed this burger down really quickly. Like I said, lots of grease, but not a sloppy burger. That was just love oozing out of the burger.

Unlike my disappointment with Kroll’s burger last year, this burger was worth driving for. I’ll likely be back here when I’ve got a little more time to spend and also when I have someone to play bubble hockey with.

Thank you, Joe Rouer. You were a terrific cap to the weekend!

No website, but here is the address – good luck finding it!
E1098 County Road X
Luxemburg, WI 54217

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Jody Kassner said...

This is my brothers bar....which I grew up in and worked for many years.....We are so happy you enjoyed your experience....I still crave the burgers and don't get there as much as I would like to.....:)