Monday, March 28, 2011

Preston’s Urban Pub – Minneapolis, MN

I’ve been to Preston’s before and I never could figure out why they call it an Urban Pub. It doesn’t matter. It has a bad-ass stuffed lynx above the bar. That’s about as urban as it gets. Wait. What?...

Anyway… I had had a really tough night at school. I had one of those grab-your-ankles kind of mid-term exams and I needed to drown my sorrows in some tasty beverages. Some other folks in the class were going to head there with me, so it wasn’t going to be weird with me crying at the bar or anything. That being said, I walked in, ordered a shot of Goldschlager and a tall jack and coke – strong. And then another. I TOLD you it went really poorly.

My people showed up and we bitched and moaned about the difficulty of the exam (read “unpreparedness by someone who just doesn’t get MBA-level Finance classes”). I realized I wasn’t going to be in any shape to drive, especially since I wasn’t done drowning my sorrows – I had a lot of sorrows since I had performed even worse on the previous evening’s exam in Accounting.

I needed food. I hadn’t really heard that Preston’s was known for anything in particular, so I just found something that looked good. I got the BBQ pulled pork sandwich with some fries. The waiter said it was one of his favorites, so that’s always a good sign. Or he says that about anything you order.

It arrived after more drinks and it looked pretty good. Not fancy at all, but just good. It might also have been the booze talking. I started with the fries and was really surprised. They were delicious. They are the kind of fries that seem like they’re borderline-battered, but aren’t? You know what I mean? Super crispy shell on the outside, soft and hot in the middle. Perfect fries.

I dug into the pork sandwich and was surprised again. The meat was oddly flavorful and juicy without being sloppy. I actually contemplated ordering another one. It wouldn’t have been an unwise decision. The sandwich should be tried by my friend Smallz – he’s a connoisseur of pulled pork sandwiches. I’m wondering if the server wasn’t actually telling the truth about this being his favorite thing on the menu. It really was delicious.

Again, keep in mind, I was a couple of drinks in, and complaining loudly about the uselessness of studying foreign economies at this point…

I probably could have saved myself some cash by ordering one of their girly fruity drinks in a fish bowl (for 2 or 4 people). Next time, I’m all over that. I’ll even bring in my own Swedish fish candies to throw in the bowl and take a photo for you all.

Go to Preston’s Urban Pub. Preferably after you fail an exam. It will make you feel better. Did I mention the random lynx? So weird.

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