Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Black Stone Family Restaurant - Green Bay, WI

After a night of heavy drinking at “The Bad Bar”, you need a place where you can walk or have someone drive you to fill your belly with something to help diffuse alcohol. The Black Stone Family Restaurant is just what you need. It isn’t fancy, but the people are generally nice (unless you anger them first), and the portions of food are significant.

We rolled in with a group of about 30. Yes, about 30 of us. We managed to get one of the cordoned off areas with some spillover into the main dining area and settled in. The menu has a ton of greasy spoon diner-y things to get. But because I’m adventurous, I decided to get something called “The Great Seal” – 2 eggs and mini pancakes and hashbrowns topped with sausage gravy with bacon. I also got a side of bacon – duh. What's funny, I can distinctly remember ordering it simply so I could make some hilarious comment about there being a severe lack of seal meat in the dish, but then I forgot about doing it. Two (more like 10 but my family reads this blog) Cherry McGillicuddy's and 7 will help you lose your train of thought sometimes...

While w waited, we contemplated whether the icon on the ketchup bottle was a chef’s hat or balls. You decide…

We didn’t wait long for the food to come out. These chefs must work some magic back there in the kitchen. The amount of food is incredible. But thankfully it looked good – like it always does there, even WITHOUT a BAC of higher than 3.0.
The gravy was almost covering the entire plateful of hashbrowns and the bacon was cooked perfectly. (The waitress forgot my side of bacon, so I had to remind her - *I* certainly didn’t forget.) The eggs were cooked to completion – something I’ve had problems with in the past at greasy spoon places – and everything tasted fantastic.

I’ll draw your attention to the mini pancakes. Yeah, they’re 10-inchers. Those are the “mini” ones. Be prepared.

I’ll repeat, this is the place to go for late night dining. It is open 24 hours so you’ll have luck finding them open, but around bar close time, they will be packed with people, so leave the bar a little early if you can. You will get painfully full, which may also give you the impetus to walk back to your hotel, rather than attempt driving – which is never a good idea in Green Bay, where if they’re breathing, they’re drinking. These Packer fans are ridiculous…

706 West Walnut Street
Green Bay, WI 54303


Blackstone West Resturant said...

Thankyou so much for your patronage and wonderfull article!:) We found it by accident and just had to share it with our "fans"!:) Please visit our facebook pg for for specials and updates,and chk out our photos.
Thankyou Again,
Blackstone West
Green Bay Wisconsin

Chao said...

Glad to hear you found the review. I will be headed back to Green Bay in two weeks, actually! And of course, I'll be headed back to Black Stone! See you in a few weeks. Looking forward to it:)