Thursday, July 21, 2011

Noshville New York Delicatessen – Nashville, TN

Mr. Torture, Slam, and I got into Nashville before all the other folks we were meeting, so we decided to take a look around town. What we found is, that unless you’re a serious country music fan, Nashville is really quite boring. We didn’t want to pay $32 each to go to Nashville Shores water park (we meaning the other two guys), and the one place we DID want to go is amazingly closed on Friday. Se we walked to the thing Nashville is most proud of: The Parthenon. No they didn’t steal it from Greece, they just copied it. Seriously, it’s an almost-identical replica of the famous building in Greece, right smack dab in the middle of Millennium Park in Midtown. Almost.
Here it is. Done.

Then we found a beer store and got beers for our hotel pool. Please note: Nashville liquor stores are not allowed to sell beer and beer stores aren’t allowed to sell liquor. Asinine rule, but I had remembered that from the last time I was in town. So at least we had a heads up.

So we went back to the pool and drank since it was eight thousand degrees outside.
Then we decided since we were here, we might as well see the Country Music Hall of Fame. …Which was just ok. I recognized most everyone in the museum, thanks to my mom’s love of country music while I was growing up. So I was at least amused and educated at the same time. They also have a pretty sweet library/archive of recordings and such there, so that piqued my interest as well.

We walked back to our hotel and decided we were going to walk to Noshville. It was one of the places recommended to me from all of my internet research before I left. Plus, it is directly behind out hotel – we walked past it coming back from the beer store. It’s supposed to be a pretty authentic New York style deli. The menu has a lot of delicious things on it, so it was difficult to decide, but all of us had been talking about pastrami for at least a day, so that’s what all of us got. I actually got a half pastrami sammich with a bowl of matza ball soup. A lot of the online reviews for this place say it’s good, but expensive, but I didn’t think the prices were any different than the places back home, so I wasn’t going to complain.

The server brought out our soups out along with a large metal bowl of pickles and a set of tongs. Wow, they don’t play around here. Mr. Torture and I dug into our soups right away, and I’m always glad when I order matza ball soup. It is almost always phenomenal. I love it here, and the ball was really quite large – about baseball sized. And served with chicken noodle soup that was really really good.

We didn’t wait long before our sandwiches came out. The server said he didn’t want Slam to have to wait any longer while we were eating delicious food, so he brought them out fast. Even though I only got a half sandwich, it was plenty. I got it on marble rye, which is usually pretty good when paired with pastrami. It was, which is a good thing. It was a really solid sandwich and the pastrami pretty much melted in your mouth. It looked like bacon from the side, but just dissolved nicely. The bread was moist and had a great flavor and the swirl of color didn’t separate as you bit into it, like cheaper store-bought breads sometimes do. This was a really good sandwich.

And yes, D.Rough, I DID eat an entire pickle. You can ask the guys.

I’m wondering if we’ll end up back here with some of our friends. We are here for a few more days…

Top 5 things about Noshville New York Delicatessen
1. Pastrami sandwich
2. Matza ball soup
3. Marble rye bread was fantastic
4. Giant bowl of pickles on the table
5. Really friendly and helpful server

Bottom 5 things
1. There really weren’t any, to be honest. I liked all of this experience

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lee said...

there's a really good tiny mexican place right near the mall, same side of the street. it's about 3 miles from the white castle if that helps.

also, there was a guy across the street from the mall cutting the grass on a steep hill with a lawnmower hung around his neck with a rope, like a lawnmower necklace. he's fun to watch. this was a few years ago. i hope he didn't end up on the busy street below. just something fun to look for...