Sunday, July 24, 2011

South Street Original Smokehouse, Crabshack, & Dive Bar – Nashville, TN

I had a bunch of places in mind that I wanted to hit up while I was in Nashville, and this wasn’t one of them. However, it got some good reviews from the local people when we asked where a good Cajun or BBQ place was. Plus it was about three blocks from our hotel – bonus!

We headed over there and found ourselves seated right next to another group of our friends who had walked over just before we did. No worries. We got to look at their table before we ordered so we knew what we did and didn’t want. As I was sitting down, one of the people in the earlier group asked me if I’d ever had a cock punch. I slowly covered my nards with my hands before I told him NO. But then he pointed to the drink menu and said I should get this girl-y sounding drink called the “Cockpuncher”.South Street had a pretty extensive and unique drink menu. The Cockpuncher was just one of many fun sounding drinks on the menu. But with a name like that, I had to get it. It’s got George Dickle (Tennessee whiskey), Triple Sec, Pineapple Juice, Grenadine, Lime, Orange Juice, and Sprite in it. There isn’t any part of that I wouldn’t like.

We had a heck of a time deciding on what to order. It all sounded delicious. Especially the sides. We almost just ordered one of every side and ate that. Maybe next time we will do that. We knew (from looking at the early group’s table) that they’d be bringing us out colseslaw and pickles – like Mexican food places do with chips and salsa), so we knew not to order that. We decided to order some hushpuppies as an appetizer. It’s basically fried cornmeal with some onions mixed in.

Then for food, I asked the waitress if the ribs were serious business or if I should order a whole slab. She said I’d be crazy to order a whole slab for myself unless I planed to take a bunch home with me. I didn’t. So I got a half slab, with a side of Black Beans and Rice with cheese on top. D.Rough got the pulled BBQ pork and some sweet potato casserole (we’re from Minnesota – we are required by law to order things when they say casserole or hot dish).

The drinks came out quickly and mine was delicious. Seriously, the Cock puncher is the way to go. They also brought out a basket full of delicious buttery bread and a huge plate of coleslaw with some pickles on top.

I’m not usually a coleslaw fan ,but I’ve been eating more and more of it these days and am getting used to it, to the point that I actually think I like it now. This stuff here was pretty good, to be honest. I’m glad I got what I did (before other people grabbed their fair share of it – right before I took the photo). I even ended up taking a second helping of it because people were trying to save room.

The hushpuppies came out and before I could snap a quick photo, these vultures I was with grabbed a bunch of the. So I assure you there were more than three in an order. And surprising, they were really quite good. I’m not usually a fan of hushpuppies, but these may have changed mind. Very crispy on the outside and very corny and dense in the middle.

Then the food came out. It was massive. I was reallllly glad I didn’t order a full slab. The meat on these ribs was extremely thick. But thankfully, it was also fal off the bone delicious and juicy. Really smoky with a hint of Cajun seasoning (may have been an accident, but a tasty accident). I liked the sauce (didn’t LOVE it, but I was happy with it) and got to slather much of it on the rib meat. Very good ribs. The black beans and rice were good, and I think I made the right choice with the side dish. The melty cheese on the top was a great touch to this dish and I’m glad they did it. Then again, I’m a cheese-aholic.

D.Rough's pulled pork was pretty darn good. Jsut a tad dry, but with the BBQ sauce, it was perfect. I really liked it. The sweet potato casserole was much better than I epxected as well. Sweet without being sickening, and just the right amount of cinnamon. The texture is weird, but then again, sometimes pureed vegetables are. I'd order this again though!
I had to order a second drink since the Cockpuncher wasn’t infinite. I got the Tropical Time-Out: Light Rum, Dark Rum, 151 Rum, Triple Sec, Cherry Brandy, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, and Grenadine. This thing is basically a Wondrous Punch that you get at the Red Dragon here in Minneapolis. Delicious, but I still liked the Cockpuncher a little bit better.

I will let you in on a little secret here. I mentioned the ribs had a lot of meat on them. I mean MAJOR amounts of meat. I absolutely faked how full I was. I blew it off like it wasn’t a big deal, but I really wanted to die. I didn’t want to show weakness around the roller derby girls though – they can smell it and are not afraid to make a mockery of someone for less than something like this. So I pretended it wasn’t a big deal. But I was in pain. I’m glad we had to walk back to the hotel. I probably could have walked back to Minnesota from there and still been full. I was a trooper and no one knew about it. But a half slab of ribs would fill an entire family, I’m sure of it. Be forewarned…

I would highly recommend this place in Nashville if you’re here. It’s really good, and they have a ton of things to fit anyone’s mood or appetite. We even had some vegetarians happy with their meals there. It just looked like they were eating rice, but what do I know – they were happy.

Top 5 things about South Street Original Smokehouse, Crabshack, & Dive Bar
1. Ribs – flavor and size
2. Cockpuncher
3. Hushpuppies
4. Coleslaw
5. Atmosphere – open walls to the street

Bottom 5 things
1. I got so full here, I thought I might die (not their fault, I know)
2. Sooo many delicious things on the menu it is difficult to narrow down
3. I just now looked at their on-line menu and noticed I didn’t get my freakin cornbread!!! Hahaha I guess I’m the sucker.
4. The chairs are a little cramped between tables, so you may not be able to move once you’ve sat down
5. The open walls to the street let out on some sort of drunk d-bag reception

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