Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Patrick’s Bakery and Cafe – Edina, MN

D.Rough decided she was going to hang with the disc golf crowd Saturday morning since it was going to be a nice day (it started nice and then got sweltering, actually). We left early enough that we could hit up a local bakery along the way. I knew she wasn’t going to be up for donuts (unlike me – everyday), so we went to a fancier place that only does fancy pastries. I knew she’d love it.

There’s a lot to choose from at Patrick’s. The really nice lady behind the counter was helpful and explained a couple of things to us, then let us browse. We finally decided on a St. Tropez Quiche (pronounced San Tro-pay, unlike my brutal slaughtering of French words), and a Vanilla Custard Pretzel Danish.

The lady offered to warm up our quiche since we were going to be taking it on the road with us on the way to the course. We agreed it would be better heated, so we sat down and split the Danish. I do like the Danish pastries from time to time, and this one looked like it had a lot of custard in it. A LOT.

The pretzel Danish is only called that because the outside pastry is twisted like a pretzel, not because it tastes like pretzel. The thing is really good though. It was nearing that point where there was almost too much custard. However, Patrick toed the line with success and put the maximum allowable custard in this thing. The pastry was very light and flaky and didn’t appear to be greasy, upon cleaning up after we ate it. Really good.

The quiche came out right as we were finishing up the Danish, so we headed out to the car with the to go container. The girl had thrown in a super nice salad in the bottom of the container as well. Like I said, she was really nice. The quiche cut in half nicely and was firm enough to hold its shape after we cut it (which made it much easier to eat while driving), but was also soft and light enough to be a proper quiche. The St. Tropez has pieces of chicken, tomato, and feta cheese in it, so it’s much more savory. We’re also glad we ate it since the previous evening’s pool party at Tiki and Duff’s was well-lubricated. We needed something substantial with protein before hitting the course in the sun. Thankfully, this quiche was exactly what we needed and was delicious, as well.

Patrick’s is a little higher end than I usually eat at, but since D.Rough was with, I thought I’d class it up a little bit and forego my Saturday donut. She’s worth it.

I think you’ll like this place if you go here. They also serve a really nice brunch and an upscale dinner, so don’t feel like you need to get here with the old people at 7:30am, like we did.


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