Thursday, August 11, 2011

Garlough Park Disc Golf Course - West St. Paul, MN

I realized I lived less than a mile from two different courses AFTER I moved into my new house - I PROMISE, D.Rough (wink wink). I knew about the SERIOUS one (Kaposia), but I only recently found out about Garlough Park. And I didn’t realize just how close I really am to it. I found out it was a nine-hole course, which generally means it isn’t much to talk about. But sometimes, that can be a misconception.

Since our Saturday morning disc golf crew was already over in my neck of the woods playing Kaposia, I suggested we have a final nine holes at Garlough. This way, I wouldn’t make them drive across the Twin Cities to play a crappy nine-hole course and have them regret the gas money they spent. They were all game for it, so we drove over to Garlough after I handed out a serious ass-whoopin’ at Kaposia.

We struggled to find the first tee, but we did end up walking the trails throughout the park looking for a basket. We did find this odd and creepy bench system filled with painted heads around a campfire sort of thing. Maybe this is some sort of story telling circle or children’s witches coven or something. Thankfully, the course isn’t anywhere near this creepshow place.

We found the first tee, and saw a pretty serious uphill shot with some trees to contend with. Not a bad start. Then a couple more holes that seemed drive-able, but you actually had to hit a line to get to the basket. Nicely done. Then a dog leg. Then another elevation shot. Then a tunnel and left shot from the tee. Then an ace run. Wow, an actual well-thought out 9-hole disc golf course.
It wasn’t grueling or really hugely challenging, but it was at least fun to play. It isn’t anything you’re going to need 18 discs in your bag to play, but it definitely isn’t a one-disc course (as my friend Bubba likes to claim at super easy courses). I think players who have more than a year or two under their belt are going to shoot under par here, but it’s also nice enough to bring out new players to and not have them get too discouraged.

I was wrong about all 9-hole courses being too easy and boring. This one was a welcome change of pace that I look forward to walking to from my house for the next 20 years.

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