Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lucky’s 13 Pub – Bloomington, MN

D.Sales called me an invited me to lunch to meet a colleague who has a very similar background to my own (professionally, educationally, and personally) – I feel sorry for him. Hahaha. Kidding! After I got lost trying to find Lucky’s 13 Pub, I stumbled across it while angrily leaving a message on D.Sales’ phone that I was going to be really late and couldn’t find the place.

The inside is very cave-like with stone walls, tin ceilings, and dark lighting. But at the same time, it isn’t divey or anything. Nicely casual is a good description. When I walked in, some random girl hailed me from across the bar and had me come over to her. When I got to her table, she looked horrified – I wasn’t who she was looking for. Story of my life, I tell you. She apologized a million times and I just laughed at her mix-up. I didn’t think a lot of people looked like me, but maybe I have a twin here – this IS the “twin cities”, right?

I found D.Sales and the new guy. We made some introductions and swapped a couple of stories while waiting for the waitress to come. I was already late, so I felt awful about ruining the other two’s lunch, but they were cool with it. I perused the menu quickly, but kept coming back to one sandwich on the list. The Chivito. Sliced beef, ham, egg, bacon, mozzarella, & olives. I asked the waitress if they could leave off the olives. It wasn’t going to be a problem. Wurd.

The food took a while to arrive, which made me continue to feel awful for dragging out their lunch hours, but they assured me it was ok. The sandwich appeared and looked incredibly appetizing.

It was a really large sandwich on ciabatta bread and needed to be cut into pieces to eat. It wouldn’t fit in my mouth due to its height, but once it got into more manageable pieces, it tasted as awesome as it looked. Really a top-notch sandwich. Lots of meat flavor with the beef, ham, and bacon, but the egg flavor wasn’t overpowering. Just perfect. This would be a welcome breakfast sandwich for every day of the week, I decided. The fruit that came with it was fresh and I actually wolfed it down. I wasn’t in a fry mood, so I’m glad I went with the fruit plate.

This is a great lunch plate – not particularly fast, but not excruciatingly slow, either. I’d come back here again as there are a whole bunch of sandwiches and appetizers I’m dying to try.

No top 5 this time around.

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