Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lay’s Texas Grilled BBQ Flavor Chips

I’m always on the lookout for random flavors of chips, and while in China, I picked up a bag of Lay’s Texas Grilled BBQ Flavor Chips/Crisps. I waited until the right people were around before I dug into this bag. I like it when other people get to enjoy horrific foods with me. Meat-flavored chips – how could that be bad? ...Wait, when did Texas become part of the People's Republic of China?....

HotGirlsBrother was over for some BBQ ribs and he actually had to remind me to bust these things out. I’m soooo embarrassed. I’m such a bad host to have forgotten I had these. I’m glad HE remembered.

These things sound far more impressive than they are. They look like standard Lay’s potato chips. Nothing fancy or different about them. And there isn’t any meat flavor at first. Once the chip is entirely gone from your mouth, THEN there’s a faint hint of meat flavor. Someone else suggested maybe they sprinkled these chips with beef bullion before they were completely cooled or before the grease had dried on them. This sounds 100% plausible. There was only a faint dusting of any seasoning on the top and I’m guessing it’s from some sort of beef dust. (I’m now mentally writing a screen play based on shady dealers sitting around in an alley talking about the street value of Beef Dust on the black market)

I’m not a fan of these particular chips. In fact, I’m not a huge fan of Lay’s potato chips in the first place, but I thought with the right awesome bizarre flavors, I might change my mind. Thankfully, I haven’t actually seen these in the US (not even at Asian grocery stores that I frequent), so don’t bother looking for them unless you’re in Asia.

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